Raechelle Chase Shares Her Training Secrets

Perfection! Raechelle Chase
I was lucky enough to interview Raechelle about her achievements, training and 
upcoming plans for the future. Check it out! 

Nat: What's been your greatest achievement so far?

Raechelle: My biggest achievement within the fitness industry is becoming the first ever          female from New Zealand to compete in The Olympia. Outside the gym I am most proud of my wonderful family.

Raechelle you are a powerhouse athlete and definitely a force to be reckoned with
and now you've released a DVD, tell us more:

I have released a DVD its a step by step guide to my training, diet and supplements.
It’s incredibly easy to follow and will keep you motivated and inspired!

I also have singlets, motivational posters, water bottles and other merchandise
available in my online shop at www.raechellechase.com

I am currently working on my own clothing line so watch this space!

This year I was very excited to sign a full endorsement deal with Skechers in NZ and
Australia. I have also just signed a 2 year endorsement deal with NutriGenix, an
American based sports supplement company which I'm very excited about as well.

Along with my achievements on stage over the past few years I have also landed 10
magazine covers worldwide & countless editorials and fitness spreads.

 Without giving all your secrets away, what is your training regime like for
competition time? Are you a fan of heavy lifting?

I have always been into weight training, I love watching the changes it makes to my
body and strength levels. I lift as heavy as I can for as many reps as I can while
still keeping good form.

I prefer to train one body part at any given workout, that way I feel like I can
give that muscle group 100% and not have to hold back because I know I still have
other areas to train. I also get bored if I plan to train more than one muscle group
which then leads to loss of focus and motivation then training becomes a chore.
Training one body part means I’m in and out of the gym within an hour & a half and
stay highly motivated! That’s the way I like it.
I follow each workout with 45 mins cardio in the off-season. During contest prep I
can do up to 3 hours of cardio a day.

 You are a busy gal and mum. How do you make time to train, eat and run a                    household?

Preparing for a competition and making sure that I still spend time with my family
is definitely challenging. The only way this is possible is with lots and lots of
preparation and routine. I will usually wake up an hour earlier so I have time to
get a cardio session in before my children wake up and will squeeze another session
in after they have gone to bed at night. I am lucky that I have a very supportive
husband who understands and supports me getting ready to compete.

We've actually just completed NoSugarVember (The No Sugar challenge I created), do
you try to minimise your sugar consumption?

Yes I keep my sugar consumption low. With young children in the house its almost
impossible to not have any sugary foods in the house so I will usually buy things
that they like but I don’t particularly enjoy so it takes away the temptation. I
have always made an effort to teach my children about healthy food choices as they
have grown up so I am lucky that they all have pretty healthy appetites. Everything
in moderation!

 In the off season do you taper down your training/change it in any way?

During the off season I use the time to make improvements in the areas that I
thought could have looked better in my previous show. I take my cardio down to 45
mins 4-5 times per week.

I still continue to train through the off-season, exercise is not only good for the
body but also the mind!

 What are your biggest indulgences with regards to your diet?

I always try to keep my diet the same when I am coming into a competition that way
it makes food preparation easier as I know exactly what I am going to be eating for
each meal each day and don’t have to think a out it. Feels a bit like ground hog day

When it comes to indulging I am a chocolate girl all the way.

For all the budding figure competitors out there have you got any pearls of
wisdom to share?

'It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to
notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. Give it 12 weeks don't

Any exciting plans for the future?

I am very excited about the clothing line that I am working on some items are
already available on my site.

I have applied for The Arnold Classic (Figure international), which is held in
Columbus, Ohio in March next year. The athletes are hand picked and there are only
17 invitations offered so if it's meant to be it will be.

Either way I will be doing The Melbourne Pro on the 17th of March, so my off-season
though it feels like it just started is nearly over already!

My goals and dream are always changing; I can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

Thanks so much Raechelle, you are a true inspiration to all of us! I'd love to found out
who inspires you to keep plugging away with your training?

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