Dietlicious Joins In On NoSugarVember

Hopefully you guys are aware of the awesome Dietlicious calorie controlled meals by Gourmet Dinner Service. As their Fitness Expert and in keeping with NoSugarVember, we've created a NoSugarVember dinner/lunch pack! How exciting!

I got to hang out at Dietlicious HQ the other day and we worked feverishly to develop some really tasty, low sugar, calorie controlled meals for you all. I even got to have a snoop around in the kitchen and the freezer! yes, I lead an exciting life, I know!

The sugar content of all the meals is an acceptable level of 3g or less. FYI: We are aiming for around 3g/100g. You should also be remembering to use the #NoSugarVember hashtag on Twitter or popping over to the Facebook page.

The thing I love about the Dietlicious meals is the convenience. Here's my post on the service if you missed it. Check them out because it's definitely a cost effective, healthy option for those that are busy/lazy/healthy/single/sick of your husbands cooking/sick of your wife's cooking/unhealthy/sugar addicted/fitness freaks/mums/dads/not the best cooks/bored of their own cooking/adventurous individuals

All the meals are super fresh and then frozen (but not like those shitty McCain junk boxes of "food"). It's better than the some of food I cook at home! They come in vacuum sealed packages and are delivered to your door. 

On the NoSugarVember Menu is:

1. Silver Dory with Garlic & Lemon (Yum!)

2. North Indian Spiced Chicken (drooling and need it now)

3. Arabian Beef (one of my favourites)

4. Teriyaki Salmon (oooh also LOVE this one!)

5. Trout with Olive & Tomato Crust (hello olives...LOVE!)

6. Cinnamon Lamb (Interesting combo and flavours, sure fire winner!)

7. Sumac Greek Lamb (Obsessed)

*You'll need to add your veg and/or brown rice or quinoa

All 7 Dinners (or use them as lunches) are Only $65!! CRAZY right? That's under $10 per meal. You can't buy decent take out food for that price. To order simply call 1300131070 and quote "NoSugarVember" 

Cooking Tips from the gang at Dietlicious:

Janel, Owner of Dietlicious says "Always follow cooking instructions on the packaging. Fish will continue to cook out of oven so don't over-cook it. 

Emily, PR, says "Sear lamb 2 minutes each side and rest for 3 mins on a wooden board. Your meat will always be perfectly cooked"

Sebastian, Head Chef at Dietlicious & Frenchman says "Cook your food with love and Love your body"

What a great way to stay committed and on track with NoSugarVember by teaming it with delicious fuss free dinners. Get in quick because they only have limited NoSugarVember packs for $65! Call Dietlicious on 1300131070 and scream "NOSUGARVEMBER"!.....actually don't scream just talk normally, k?

What would be your favourite meal from the above list?

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