Roasted Beet & Chickpea Salad

My Home-Made Lunch last week
Roasted Pumpkin, beetroot and capsicum with Chickpeas, Greens and a chilli balsamic dressing, by Natalie Carter
Roast off a selection of seasoned pumpkins, beets, capsiums and splash with balsamic vinegar before they go into a hot oven
Drain 100g chickpeas, season with salt and pepper, little chilli and lemon
Arrange a few handfuls of mixed leaves and a chopped tomato on the plate (dressed with evoo)
Toss the roast veg and chickpeas together and place ontop of the mixed leaves
YUMMO!!!! So tasty and healthy. All veg is in season. Eating healthy isn't about missing out on flavour, this certainly is packed with flavour and more importantly nutrients!

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