Reinvent Your Salads

The stock standard, lettuce, tomato and cucumber can get a little boring after the one billionth serving, so how about adding these beauties to your next salad to bring it to life?

Persian Fetta: sounds fancy but it's available in your local Coles or Woolies. A perfect addition to boost creaminess and protein and fat content. Did I mention it tastes amazing?

Heirloom tomatoes: It's nice, it's different, it's unusual. Beautifully coloured and super tasty, why not try to grow your own strain at home? When tomatoes are super fresh, keep flavourings simple- pair with basil leaves or some good vinegar and salt and pepper.

Yoghurt: Hello, flavour injection. Turn mundane mixed roast veg salad into amazingness with a little drizzle of full fat plain yogie, cumin, a spritz of lemon juice and splash of evoo.

Radish: Add a hit of pepperiness and bite. Sliced thinly is best.

Raw Zucchini spirals or ribbons: The zuch is the new kid on the block. Make a raw salsa by blitzing fresh tomatoes, capsicum with basil and parsley and pop it on top of the ribbons. Faux pasta heaven!

Beetroot: Grated raw or baked, beetroots are a colour burst for your next salad. The earthy root vegetable is great for improving blood flow and can help lower blood pressure. Team it with roasted walnuts and goats fetta.

Fresh Herbs: The zing that a flutter of fresh herbs brings to a salad doesn't go unnoticed. It just adds immediate freshness and really gives a salad that "I've-literally-been-picked-right-outta-the-garden" taste. Go nuts with them.

Seeds: Sesame, chia or sunflower are perfect salad additions. Crunch factor is high and adds a little protein/fat hit too. A light roasting in the oven adds intensity, low heat and keep your eyes peeled as they can burn easily.

Flowers: Edible flower are super pretty if nothing else however these pretties aren't just good to look at, they contain Vitamin C and small amounts of Vitamin D. Sprinkle a few over the top of your salad before serving and WOW your guests. Always check before your sprinkle that your flowers are in facet, edible.

Smoked trout: The most amazing fishy flavour and available at most deli's even some supermarkets. Team your trout with avo, leaves, beans or snow peas and a couple of boiled eggs. Serve with a creamy tart dressing to cut through richness of the trout. So damn good! It'll come as a whole fish below (I've brought from Woolies or Coles before) and just skin it and de-bone then place chunks in salad.

Fruit: There are people in two camps: fruit in salad people and no fruit in salad people. It's always a burst of unexpected deliciousness for me. I love a little fruit in a salad. Pear slices, blueberries or strawberries always team up well a leafy salad and a soft white cheese. Orange and fennel is an Italian dream.  Apple is great with a sharp dressing and mustard. Try a summery watermelon salad: Thanks Jamie Oliver 

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15 Real Life Holiday Fitness Solutions

We are usually bombarded with 1,000 of articles at this time of year that either have us rolling our eyes or ruin our much anticipated holidays. Health articles can be very counter productive. They make us feel bad for the majority of decisions we make at this time of year: eating Christmas ham at every opportunity, putting our gym membership on hold, having trifle for breakfast, telling our trainer we are going to be "out of the country" these holidays or drinking enough alcohol to kill a small hippo. Not this is one! I'm giving you real life solutions to make the holidays just that little bit fitter/healthier/wellnessey. Bonus: You won't need your fat pants around the resort the entire time either...but bring a maxi just in case!

Cheers to 2015

 1. Turn off your mobile phone: Ekkk! No, you won't die! If not for the entire time on your vacay, try just a few hours per day where you have zero screen time. That's across all devices! It's scary to think how obsessed we are with our phones, lappies and ipad. I've even moved into multiple screen land (you know where you are watching tv, on your iphone and have your lap top nearby). It's crazy (in a bad way). It's time to tune it all out. This is your holiday! You so don't need to know about what's happening in your 3rd cousin's best friends aunt's house, do you?

2. Try a 4 minute workout: Fitting in workouts during holidays is a toughie and our time usually is spent catching up with friends, family and back to back seasons of US reality TV. Even my training takes a bit of a back seat during holiday time however it never goes completely out the (plane) window. I just change it up. Try 4 mins of HIIT instead of your usual 30-45 mins slogs. Get your the tabata app and go your hardest. 20 secs rounds with 10 secs rest intervals for 8 sets then done. Here's a workout I prepared eariler

3. Stand up paddle boarding (SUP): SUP is oh so cool, fun and widely available, especially in beach side locations. Hire or ask Santa to bring you a board and get out on the water. SUP is great for your core and if you want to go uber cool try a SUP & yoga class!  

4. Have a couple of meat free days: On holidays and especially those few days from Christmas eve to Boxing Day it can be a literal food-a-thon, so why not re balance with a couple of meat free days. Use your salad left overs with some added nuts and seeds, maybe a few slices of avocado and transform your meat filled meals into lighter, still protein rich options.

5. Plan 2015 with a goal "to-do" list: See this as a pathway to success. Spend a few moments planning out how you want to best live the incoming new year. This is actually one of my most favourite things to do for the new year, it makes me feel organised and leads me into the coming year feeling optimistic and ready to rock.  You can revisit your list at quarterly intervals or as often as you see fit. This is your list, map it out how it best reflects you: words, pictures, photos, spreadsheet, timeline, etc

6. Shop: Shopping equals movement, movement equals calories burnt, calories burnt equals exercise. See?! Keep hydration levels up with water NOT a gingerbread frappucino and carry handbag snacks: nuts/seeds, fruit or a couple of protein balls. Beverly Hills

7. Lie in a hammock and read a book: Relaxing is as good for you as exercising. Breathe, chill and enjoy! It is OK to have downtime.

8. Get wet: Take full advantage of the hot weather this summer and get yourself in the big blue. Swim, surf, snorkel, frolick, kayak, paddle or float.

"Snorkelling in Montenergo"

9. Supplement the full English for a smoothie/green juice: A change is as good as a holiday they say and swapping up your breakfast can be an easy way to keep the kilos at bay during holiday season. I'm loving a fresh veggie and fruit smoothie of a morning now- I find the warmer weather calls for lighter food choices. I pack me smoothies with lots of green and a little sweetness from a couple of different hunks of fruit. They are packed with fibre and vitamins and you can even make a few in advance to store in the fridge or freezer. My favourite combo: pineapple, spinach, broccoli florets, cucumber and water or coconut water OR watermelon, lemon, mint, cucumber, celery, spinach and water.

10. Dance like nobody is watching: I'm not going to tell you to ditch the cocktails this NYE but what I do want you to do is dance your ass off! For every 20 minutes of busting a move you do, you'll burn 100 calories.

11. Drop it like a squat: Body weight workouts are my go to on holidays. I don't need a gym, or weights and I can do them anywhere. I get inspired by my surroundings. Use steps, rocks, the beach, a grassy hill or a chair in your hotel room/apartment. One super cinch workout incorporates the squat
Below is 5 types of squats with a few other body weight exercises thrown in. You can repeat this 4-5 times

50 wide squats
50 mountain climbers
40 squats
40 twisting mountain climbers
30 lateral squats
30 push ups
20 curtsy squats
20 tricep dips
10 jump squats
10 burpees

My squat variation how-to video is here

12. Take a trip to a local fresh food market: Take in the produce of your holiday destination or if you are staying local, hit up your closet fresh food market. Buy in season and let the produce speak for itself, with simple concoctions. Salads, local seafood, zesty dressings or salsas with fresh herbs are some of my fondest food memories. Basic is best!

13. Hike those hills: Need a butt blast? Find a hiking trail and get moving. Your heart rate gets a spike and you get a little dose of Mother Nature. Don't forget your camera for a few happy snaps

Hiking in the French countryside...hard!
14. Massage: Remember how I said downtime is as good as a workout? Time for round 2, downtime with recovery. Massage is about the easiest way I know how to relax instantly. Try something new, if you always have a sports type massage, why not have a body scrub with a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage. Different is good!

15. Laugh! Relieve stress, tension and up those happy hormones with a good old fashioned cackle. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Enjoy your holidays and have an amazing time, whatever you do. If you aren't going anywhere, like our mate Dot said:"There's no place like home"

7 Toast Free Breakfast Ideas

Now I'm totally down for a vegemite and butter laden piece of toast in the morning but even I get sick of a toasty breakfast sometimes. Too much toast can sometimes be a bad thing. Wheat belly anyone?

I know it's super quick but It's time to back off the bread sister and opt for something different.

There's also no need to have a tantie either, I've got your carbs, protein and fats sorted here too. Just because we are sans bread doesn't mean you are missing out. Bread (carb dense) can easily be replaced by root veggies, green veggies, fruit, oats and yoghurt. A less carb heavy morning meal is really great for keeping insulin levels stable and keeps. There is a bit of conflict in regards to the whole carb sin the morning thing but my advice is to guinea pig-afy yourself and see how you feel. It's all well and good to read research or listen to me rambling on but I really recommend testing out a lower carb breakfast and seeing how it makes you feel. I probably have 3-4 low carb breakfasts per week and my bulk of carb rich foods are enjoyed at my lunch and dinner meals.

Let's get eating!

1. Banana protein bread

Cake for breakfast WINNER! This a carb rich meal, in case you can't tell

Recipe here, serve with berries and yogie (thick Greek will do the trick)

2. Poached Eggs, mushies, avo and spinach. Good fat city!

3. Omelette, chilli sauce and bok choy. Light and tasty, girlfriend!

 4. Fruit and nut spread, again carb rich. Gluten free

5. Hipster breakfast, Protein Green Smoothie: 1/2 banana, spinach, celery, few grapes and scoop of vanilla Nuzest

6. Another  hipster breakfast, fruit with yoghurt. MUST arrange fruit and sprinkle with coconut, seeds are great too (sesames or sunflower seeds). Being a hipster is very delicious! 

7. Frittata recipe here

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Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Shares Her Healthy, Easy Summer Recipes

What a treat to join in on a cooking workshop with the scrumptious Zoe Bingley-Pullin, thanks to Vitasoy!

Zoe is a nutritionist and the co-host of Good Chef, Bad Chef (obviously she's the good chef part!), having been in the health industry a fair whack of time, she had some great insights to share about health and wellness. I'm also super pleased to announce Zoe is on our side, that is one of balance and moderation. Having suffered with allergies herself, she fully understands the benefits of a more whole food diet but still making room for indulgences! She is all about packing in the nutrients to each meal and fully believes in the joy that cooking and serving  meal with loved ones brings. Hallelujah!

Check out the kitchen we got to work our magic in! Tidiness and kitchens are something that DON'T go hand in hand for me but I did try my best to watch out how much mess I made.

I spied some super fresh produce, avocados, tomatoes, basil, prawns and also two blended non diary milk varieties: Oat & almond and also a soy and almond milk.  I think most of us have generally have used a non-dairy milk before in say sweet recipe, like a smoothie or slice but today was all about the versatility of the Vitasoy milks in savoury dishes. On the menu today was an Oat & Almond milk spicy summer soup and also Soy & Almond milk cashew nut fritters with a tomato salsa. For both recipes in full click here 

Time for Zoe to take over and answer some of my burning questions about nutrition and health. Let's find out her advice for party season, glowing skin and what's in her fridge!

1.     When women make an attempt to "get healthy" and "go on a diet" where do you think they go wrong or focus too much attention on? Is there a healthier, more sane way to diet? 

I’m a big advocate for whole food eating rather than dieting, so eating foods that are aren’t highly processed. I eat for mental and physical nourishment, rather than weight loss, and I really think it’s all about the joy in food. We can get so caught up in eating nutritious food, that we can forget the joy in food. This helps me to stay sane because I know I can balance a nutritious meal with a glass of red wine occasionally!

2.     Should we avoid alcohol and those yummy trays of canapés this party season or is there something you recommend as a healthier alternative?

The most basic trick also is to not go to a party or function hungry. This way, you can enjoy a couple of canapés, but it means you won’t go overboard trying to fill up.

I’d also recommend keeping check of how much you drink. It’s ok to have a drink from time to time, but it’s about appreciating it, not overdoing it and sticking to recommended alcohol intake guidelines - for women, it’s no more than 4 standard drinks and for men it’s no more than 6 standard drinks on any one day. Just out of interest, 1 standard drink is 100ml of wine, a middy of beer or a 30ml nip of spirits.

For me, it’s all about balance. We can all enjoy a glass of red wine from time to time, but it’s about not overdoing it and complimenting it with things like exercise. If anything, these little indulgences help us to maintain balance in our diets.

3.     What are your top tips for glowing, fresh skin coming into summer?

One key starting point is food! It’s so important to remember that we are what we eat and what we eat can affect how we feel and look. Foods such as avocado and salmon are great for our skin. Avocados are high in beneficial fats, and salmon is high in essential fatty acids like omega-3s, both of which are fantastic for skin health. One avocado recipe I love at the moment is my Spicy Summer Soup, made with avocado, prawns and Vitasoy’s new Oat & Almond Milk.

Exercise also helps keep a healthy glow on our skin as we sweat out impurities. I also make sure to keep a good beauty routine, and I cleanse and moisturise twice a day.

4.     Lastly, what lives in Zoe Bingley-Pullin's fridge? Let's have your top 5 staples.

Some of my staples are:

1.     Avocados: my husband, Michael, my daughter, Emily, and I go through at least 1 a day!

2.     Lemons: there’s nothing better than lemon in water to help stabilise your body’s pH levels and help control inflammation. Try starting your day with this.

3.     Vitasoy Oat & Almond Milk: this is definitely one of my staples at the moment and I’ve been enjoying it in so many dishes, both sweet and savoury. I love its taste and the fact that it combines this with the nutritional benefits of Vitasoy Oat Milk – research shows as part of a healthy diet low in saturated fat, 3g of beta-glucan each day can help lower cholesterol absorption.

4.     Yoghurt: I like sheep’s milk, goat’s milk and full-fat cow’s milk yoghurt, and I’ve always got one of these in my fridge. I love yoghurt with quinoa, with muesli in the morning or at night for dessert with a couple of dried dates. I also mix it in with Emily’s food.

5.     Hummus: not only is this great to pull out as a dip with some fresh veggies when guests pop over, I’ve also been using it to make baby food for my little girl, Emily. I made her a wild rice risotto with hummus and avocado a couple of weeks ago, and it went down a treat

Learn To Love Your Shape With Adelle Cousins, Blogger

If you struggle with finding the perfect outfit for your shape, stress no more! Adelle Cousins from Where The Styled Things Are, has got you lovely ladies sorted. Identify your shape and dress that rig up! 

Take it away, Adelle.....

 I am an advocate for dressing for my shape, and when Gok Wan partnered up with Target I fan girled it right into my local Target just to see what he was recommending. The principles were all the same to how I knew them myself, however he was making it seem a lot more fun, fresh and was at the same time, giving women a reason to dress up and stand out and celebrate THEIR shape! As I think about all of the fruits in my fruit bowl right now I picked out a pear as this is most definitely my shape for now, I used to be a rectangle with no bumps or lumps but over time (oh age you naughty thing you!) my thighs have expanded.

We all have a shape and we have to understand as women that some things that are on trend, just won’t suit us. As a pear, low rise skinny jeans accentuate those blasted thighs like a huge pimple in the middle of my forehead. Let’s face it, if you look in a full length mirror and the parts you despise are standing out like bulls balls then it’s obvious we are wearing the wrong clothing for our shape. Our bodies are beautiful no matter what our size, however If I told you that you can cover up that belly, mask your hips and make your breasts look larger by evening it all out with clothes and without sucking it all in with spanks – you’d be willing to listen right? Well strip down ladies…it’s time for your lesson on your lovely bodies!

First things first, what’s your shape?

Apple: You are in proportion however carry most of your weight around your belly. Think Drew Barrymore, Oprah Winfrey!

Pear: You are bottom heavy, bigger thighs/hips/bum (I call this womanly though!). Just like Beyonce and Shakira!

Strawberry: You are top heavy, you lucky girl, you have bigger breasts or broad shoulders. Dolly Parton and Jennifer Saunders are also Strawberries.

Hourglass: Delicious! Your waist is thin and you have in proportion breasts and thighs…I would love an hourglass figure! Think Nigella Lawson and Scarlett Johansson.

Rectangle: Straight up and down, most women would kill for this shape! Spice babe Mel C and Rachel Hunter are also rectangles.

Got your shape? Now it’s time to dress you!

Apple – the key is to accentuate your bottom and top half and avoid eye contact to your middle.
·       A flared maxi dress or wrap will accentuate everything but your mid section, and try out some low neck lines to show off your lady lumps a little!
·       Boot cut or flared jeans will balance out your body, and ladies, 70’s jeans are so in for Autumn/winter so flare away!
·       Fitted jackets that button below the bust are great to nip in the waist, tailored coats and light trenches are your go to’s!

Pear – they key is to accentuate your top half to even out your thighs.
·       Emphasise that bust to even out the thigh/hip/butts – use low necklines and have fun with colour up top, and try out some embellished or detailed bodice’s.
·       Wide leg jeans and flares again will even out your thigh/hip/butt area, and mid rise OH MID RISE jeans work the best, they elongate your legs!
·       Try structured and wide jackets – bringing our your shoulders will even out that area you despise.

Strawberry – the key is to emphasise your bottom half!
·       One strap dresses will narrow out your top half and A-line dresses will look great on you! And a V neck will draw the eye down.
·       Boot cut jeans again will even out your top half, and lighter shades of denim will flatter those legs.
·       Now is your time to purchase a gorgeous coat that flares from the waist.

Hourglass – the key is to accentuate that little itty bitty waist.
·       Wrap dresses will hug that mid section, also go out and buy sweetheart and v necklines!!
·       Wide leg and flare jeans are perfect for you, evening out the bottom of your legs to your thighs, however if you have small thighs – slap on a skinny jean!!
·       Belted coats and trenches will cinch in that lovely waist and will make you look a million bucks! Be bold with some bright colours or patterns – polka dots or a bright red.

Rectangle – the key is to cinch in that waist and bring out your top and bottom half.
·       Halternecks will accentuate your top half, not a lot of people can pull a halterneck off but you certainly can! Also go crazy with tops, frill's, bows and embellishments up top will even out your shape. MOST top shapes suit your body because you want to bring out that top half.
·       Skinny jeans! Lucky you! Also a slim jean will hug those lovely legs.
·       A flared coat will pop those hips, or why not try a crop jacket that stop at the hip? Or you can add a belt to a coat to cinch in that waist.

Learn to love that body of yours, and dress for it to your advantage! Now you have the secrets…go forth and be bootylicious! x Adelle

Visit Adelle's blog:

Outdoor Fitness In Centennial Park & North Sydney: GET HELLA FIT

The holiday season is so freaking close I can smell it! There's one little thing we need to take care of though and that's your body! Are you ready for the onslaught or do you think you will just fade into the crowd and "start next year?'' NO WAY JOSE! That's loser talk- Get moving and do it now or never! 

GET HELLA FIT is 21 days to go hard, create a strong lean body and start the holiday season off with a BANG! Guided by yours truly  

Sessions available: 

Tuesday, Thursday 615-7am and Saturday 845-930am Centennial Park, Randwick

Monday, Wednesday, Fri 1215-1pm McMahons Point/North Sydney SORRY ALL FULL (you can register interest for 2015!)

Join as many of the above classes for 21 days from 22nd Nov-12th December 2014 and pay  just $149 to watch and feel your fitness soar! This is an intensive training group but well worth the sweat and hard work. Slink into those party dresses and wear your bikini/tankini/monokini with pride, girlfriend! All ages and fitness levels welcomed

We will also support you with dietary advice and fitness homework/workouts to do along your 21 days!

To apply to join, register here, let's get you moving!