Sydney's Best Scenic Running/Walking Tracks

The key to awesome walking and running tracks has got to be the surroundings. Let’s face it, exercise can get dull if you are in a sweaty box or looking at a treadmill screen. Having something decent to look at keeps the mind occupied. These favourite’s include some of the best views in Sydney. Enjoy!

I mean...C'MON! Luna Park Boardwalk, Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge 

The walk over the SHB is truly breath taking. I urge all residents and visitors to - at least once - make the journey over this fine landmark and breathe in that view. There is certainly a great feel to walking or running over the bridge during peak times: The “Northerners” are making their way over to the hustle and bustle of the big smoke (and vice versa). They have their runners on and headphones in, it’s very urban professional!
Once you cross the bridge, depending on your direction, you’ll have The Rocks to explore on foot or Milson’s Point/Kirribilli. Both locations take in the amazing view of Sydney Harbour, maybe even a selfie with the big face at Luna Park? If you have time for a cocktail (?) the view from The Deck Sydney is pretty freaking unbeatable

The Bay Run, Iron Cove Bay Inner West 

The best track the inner-west of Sydney has to offer. This popular 7 km walking and running track boasts some great views around Iron Cove Bay. Take in sights along the water and bring your pooch.

Cooper Park Stairs Bellevue Hill 

An old personal foe of mine, these 151 steps have caused my clients and me soreness for more than a few days. You may need an oxygen tank the first few times you take on these stairs, so start off slow and build up your strength. When you’ve had enough, there are a few coffee joints on Bellevue Road with a good brew to wet your whistle.

Bronte to Bondi 

The famous Coastal Walk! As a former Eastern Suburbs local of over 30 years, I recommend taking a cattle prod along with you on this route, as it gets very busy! Peak times tend to be weekends (especially during summer!) and some mornings during the week (9am-10am) can be a little dicey. Best to give this a go during the day when everyone else is at work. It's a breezy walk and great if you live between Bronte, Tamarama and Bondi beaches.
Running this route can get a little frustrating with all stop/start nature of tourists and photo ops however, if you stand your ground, you’ll love it!

Balls Head Reverse, North Sydney

It’s only a short loop around but man, this place is stunning! A bushy oasis right smackbam in the middle of the harbour (west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge). It’s a real special place here, once inhibited by the Cammeraygal people. Lined with red gums and other flora, it’s more than just a walking/running spot- it’s a piece of history. Don't forget to check out the Community gardens and chickens are the Coal Loader Centre For Sustainability 

Wanda Beach, Sutherland Shire 

Sand dunes. Lots and lots of sand dunes. Power up your legs for a high intensity session. Be sure to whip off your shoes and give those feet a workout too. Working on sand is great for balance, proprioception and adds intensity/resistance (compared to, say, working out on grass)

Royal National Park 

Fire tracks are a good start but make sure you don't forget water. There are so many to choose from, as the park is expansive. Get yourself a map and start out with a relative easy track and don’t forget to tell a friend where you are going. A Paul's Burger is a MUST for the trip back home.  

Centennial Parklands 

A true expanse of green in the urban jungle. Stroll this 3.7km track or run as fast as your legs will take you. Using the cycle track or horse riding is also an option! Tucked away in this Eastern Suburbs icon are fields, ponds and restaurants.  A popular picnic/BBQ spot where, if you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of me torturing my clients at one of my outdoor fitness groups.
There’s plenty of parking available and the park is open from sunrise-to-sunset (but does close to cars the first Sunday of every month).

Where's your favourite walking or running place in Sydney. Got any gems that I just have to see? 

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Leftovers: Healthy Tuna Patties

Need a cracker recipe for leftover potato mash or sweet potato mash? Make these beauties and reduce your food wastage!

The "recipe":

Add a big can of tuna or salmon (or 2-3 small), drained
2ish cups of mash
Tbsp chopped capers 
1/2 brown onion, chopped
1/2 lemon, juiced
Parsley or coriander, handful will do
1/2 cup grated cheese
salt and pepper to taste

Combine all then roll in balls/patties. You can roll them in a little flour (gluten free or plain) if you like but this isn't necessary.

Then whack in oven for 20mins, turning when brownish on both sides. 

A nice little meal for the family and great for lunch boxes too. 

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Celebrate Your Greatness & Dump That Negative Vibe

You deserve greatness. You deserve happiness. Negativity is not your friend. Positivity vibes are way better than negativity. You've just gotta strive to be a great, happy, positive being!

Sounds simple enough!

We all have dark days, those days when life is just getting us down. Resilience & tenacity are powerful and wonderful traits to possess. A resilient spirit picks us up, shakes off the dirt and tells us "just keep going''. Ms tenacious won't be told no, she is strong, powerful and know where she is headed.

It's time to head towards celebrating your greatness and dump that negative 'tude.  These 7 steps should sort you out.

1. Acknowledge Your Greatness

Why are you great? What did you do? Recall your great moments and tell people. Heck, shout it from the rooftops. It's totally ok to tell people you have achieved something wonderful and amazing. Stay humble but don't hide.

2. Be Thankful

Celebrate the simple things in life: Like the fact you are freaking alive, you know, celebrate the little things. Our tech controlled lives may us pine for more, for bigger everything's and better everything's. Stop it. Take a breath and just be in the moment of where you are right now.

3. Be Giving

Go out of your way to be kind. A smile or a kind word to a stranger. Love your family. Help a colleague solve a problem. Giving shouldn't be awkward or hurt you in any way, it should feel NICE. It should make your insides swell a little- that's your heart heaving with niceness.

4. Abundance vs Prosperity

Abundance is generally on most people's wish list/vision board "I want to create an abundant life" however a lot of us confuse abundance with prosperity. Abundance is "overflowing fullness". That could be in relation to work, life, love, etc. Define exactly what it is you want to be abundant in.
Prosperity is the actually the money stuff. Don't get it twisted or don't wait for the CASH MONEY when you clearly aren't aware of what you really want- I want to be rich doesn't equal I want to live an abundant life.

5. Dump Bad Relationships

Oh yeah baby, we've allllll been there. The thought of leaving those relationships can feel super bad at the time. It's gut wrenching. You make lists. You ask friends advice. You may fear being alone but you have to ask yourself; "Why do I let (insert name) treat me like that?" or "Why do I stay when I know it's bad" or "Is this what true love is?" or "Why do I let that person zap so much of my time and energy". These may be friendships, partnerships, business relationships and parental relationships. It's time to go through ALL your relationships with a fine tooth comb.. You have NO TIME to allow people to treat you poorly. You deserve BETTER. Weed out the negative Nancy's

6. Ditch The Past

You have no room for guilt or resentment, get rid of past shit in your life. Just get rid of it....or burn it. Yep, physically set your past crap alight. Write it down on some paper and burn it- finished! Move on. Dwelling on your shoulda, coulda, woulda's is soul destroying. Be better than your past mistakes. Stick to your plans and move forward.

7. Integrity

Be true, be ethical. You know when shit isn't right or you are being dodgy, so don't do that bad stuff
Be credible and build trust with people. Be a role model.

How do you celebrate your greatness and dodge the negative Nancy's? 

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I Am Woman Hear Me Roar


I am feeling particularly PRO WOMEN after a good little chat with a client

It got me thinking....

Am I feminist? Well yes but I don't need to label myself one just because I believe in equality for all women. I know women can do anything they put their minds too but that mind can also be their undoing, due largely to the societal pressure placed upon us. Our actions and choices are our own (obviously) but how many of those actions/choices are because we believe that "x" is expected of us?

I find it mind blowing whilst we've come along way in gaining equality, Australian society in 2015 still places many rules on women (and this is the lucky country after all, we not even scratching the surface of other societies/cultures worldwide).

Women need men and vice versa. This is not man bashing AT ALL however, after you read this list come up with a male version and I bet it's a third of the size of this list....(just saying!)

Let's take a trip together and go through some popular  "women shouldn't" scenarios


- Be single their whole life/Leave it too late to get married

- Leave it "too late" to have a baby/go throughout life without the "joy" of motherhood

- Lift weights

- Exercise too much/exercise too little

- Eat (insert food here)

- Wear something that is too revealing

- Swear (LOL...Fuck that!)

- Walk alone (in parks!)

- Be more intelligent than a man

- Try to have it all

- Be the breadwinner

- Be the boss/Talk down to the boss/Argue with the boss

- Sleep around

- Be loud

- Breastfeed in public

- Speak their mind/give their opinion

- Get too drunk

- Climb trees/play with trucks/get dirty/play with boys/hand around boys too much

- Quit their job to raise children/Raise children instead of working

- Travel the world alone

- Work in a male dominated field

- Leave the house without makeup

- Be emotional/crazy/weird/etc

- Fight back

- Leave the house untidy

- Except their husbands/parents to be faithful all the time

Helen Reddy, we salute you! Cheesy but man this song hits the spot

Have you got any "women shouldn't" scenarios to add, please do! 
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Sports Luxe Fitness Fashion: Gold Silver Bronze

Win big with my picks for Gold, Silver & Bronze (well Rose Gold) fitness fashion. Everybody knows rocking a hot workout ensemble helps with gains. It's science! Ditch the slept in tee and pop some sparkle in your wardrobe


Shoes: Nike 
Top: Nike 


Shoes: Nike, Roshe Run
Leggings: Fabletics


Headphones: Frends
All weather spray jacket: Running Bare
Shoes: Nike

Any pieces that you must have for your next sweat session? Let me know below in the comments

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7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

These are 7 of many favourite straight forward ways to boost your metabolism. They are for everyone to gain benefit from. Let's get stuck in and maximise our potential ASAP!

1. Move! Yep sounds simple but just the act of movement is enough to fire the old furnace up. Walk, run, swim, yoga, cycle, dance or row. Aim for everyday at least 20 minutes.

2. Train with weights,  adding muscle mass to your body is a key factor to boosting your metabolism. Those with a higher muscle to fat ratio will burn more calories at rest than someone with a lower muscle to fat ratio. Build muscle in both upper and lower body and try sets of 3-4 for 6-10 reps. Need a full body workout: squats, deadlifts, pushups and pull ups will be 4 moves to sort you out.

3. Add HIIT workouts to your training regime. 2-3 per week for a 20-25 maximum. These type of workouts also help minimise muscle wastage.

4. Quality not quantity. Adopt this method where your food is concerned. Think about where your food comes from and be aware of your overall calorie intake, especially where fat loss and changing your body composition is concerned. I love myfitnesspal , as a helpful tool to track calories. I minimise the crappy foods (der!) and pack in the fresh, wholefoods.

5. Protein rich foods take more calories to digest, so always have a protein rich diet. These can come from animal (fish, meat, chicken and dairy) and plant based foods (lentils, beans or nuts). Protein has that wonderful property of being able to keep you fuller for longer. I've personally toyed with a vegetarian based diet and it's great for cramming in the veg but it doesn't did it for me body composition wise- a meat rich, paleo-esque diet is for me (protein, plants, fruit, fats, low gi carbs and minimal processed grains/sugar/dairy).

6. There are many metabolism boosting drinks/shakes, MOST are a con whilst these 3 cheap and cheerful can actually help: Water, green tea and coffee (woohoo!) Science backs it, so start sipping. A cup each of coffee and green tea and at least 2 litres of H20 is a great addition to your daily fluid intake. Try to avoid sweetening your drinks with sugar go for fresh herbs or citrus instead.

7. RELAX. If you feel tried or stressed that's your bodies way of telling us to slow day and recover. Take a load off and aim to get a nap or good nights restorative sleep. Rejuvenating yourself helps you perform at your optimum levels.

Are you in metabolism boost mode? How many of these principles do you follow?

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