And Now I'll Do What's Best For Me

This was a snippet I shared on my Facebook page and I remember at the time feeling so good about being able to share this piece of "wisdom" not because I think "holy shit I'm amazing and insightful and I hope others realise this too" NO WAY JOSE! I wrote it and the statement below with the intention of "I truly believe in this. I feel very at peace with these statement.". I'm noticing more and more the lack of images portraying plus size girls, curvier fitness bodies and just more "Oh I've seen a lady at my gym that looks like that' when it comes to fitness pages/products and motivation. 

I'm not a fucking idiot when it comes to marketing, I know that some people really fall for the six pack shot and think "oh yeah, that's what I want" not knowing AT ALL the sacrifices that may be needed to undertake that transformation. I also know for a lot of girls, it'll take more than a couple pictures of random torso to motivate them to exercise and or stop their self sabotaging ways. 

We need to stop focusing on the external attributes of a person and focus on internally shifting our thoughts and making better decisions towards our habits.  

Anyhoo, my post went a little something like this…..

Shout out to my ladies who may be struggling with their results/expectation for their weightloss/fatloss/body transformation. 

I see more and more often that this notion of "get a bikini body in blah amount of weeks" or strip fat with this amazing workout" is very damaging and soul destroying to "bigger" girls (for argument sake lets just say size 14+, a curvy, heavier set girl that needs to drop more fat/weight than her size 8, already pretty lean counterpart). This girl has been promised by whatever or whoever that she can transform herself/ train like a "beast, get a flat tummy and live on a very low calorie intake all within a VERY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. It's wrong and it will lead to increased torment down the track- a constant yoyo/revolving door type situation, whereby she is constantly in calorie deprivation, hormonal distress and just plain fucking exhausted- always on the lookout for the "next program". The solution? Allowance. This girl needs to give herself space/time/allowance. Her mantra "And now I'll do what's best for me". 

She'll need to say: Yes to getting help or a support system, yes to increasing her training, yes to a plan that suits her, yes to an achievable time frame, yes to a reduction of shitty foods/excessive calories, yes to dealing with why you are here in the first place, yes to a positive outlook, yes to supportive relationship on her life and most importantly YES TO HERSELF, yes to change.

What are your thoughts on these type of images/programs? Am I overreacting or do you feel that's a little soul destroying too? 

Cheat's Pork & Cabbage Dumpling's

If you don't like dumplings, I don't think we could make it as friend's. Yep, the struggle is real and the dumpling love runs deep.

In my older age (LOL) I really CBF leaving the house or paying ridiculous amounts of money on food, especially on items that are dead easy to make from scratch (kinda) at home. I guess convenience type foods have been marketed as us to make us feel like we can't do it ourselves.

Now, I had been on the hunt for a decent dumpling recipe for a while and I came across this one and just did a few tweaks. The only painful experience I find in the dumpling process is the "stuffing" part. I'm great on the first 5 then I'm completely jack out it. Bored as! What gets me through? knowing that once they are stuffed, I'm just moments away from eating them. Simple right? Delay gratification. "It'll be worth it in the end" is my dumpling mantra.

Ok, my dumpling friend, let's do this

Makes 60 freakingamazing Dumplings

Freezes well, either as whole dumplings or just the stuffing mix. 60 may seem a lot but because the stuffing takes time, do a big batch and then whack them in the freezer for those last minute dumpling emergencies.


2 packets of round gow gee wrappers, each pack contains 30 (yep, I'm such a cheater)
500g of Pork mince
3-4 shallots, chopped finely
2 cups chopped savoy cabbage
Sprinkle of sea salt
8 tsp soy sauce
6 tsp Chinese rice wine- Shaoxing/sake/dry white wine (use any of those, not all)
2 tbsp sesame or peanut oil
1/4 cup of stock or water
Splash of duck vinegar (optional)

Dipping sauce:

1/4 cup Black duck vinegar or 1/4 cup soy, tsp dried chilli and tsp grated ginger. Balance it out to your taste preferences. There's no sugar, so if you want it, add it.

In a big mixing bowl, place everything bar the wrappers (raw mince, salt, shallots, cabbage, all liquids and oils). Combine this mix well. It'll have a wetish consistency.

Sit down and get comfy. Get your round wrapper, take a teaspoon of mix, place it in the centre and then wet one side on the outside edge, of the wrapper and then simply fold over and crimp with your fingers. Just make sure it's really secured down so no water gets in, as they will burst during cooking and you will have a case of "no dumpling for you".

Kinda like this:

So once you've got a billion dumplings, well 60, it's time to cook 'em.

I love a potsticker (as the name suggest they stick to the pot/pan). It's a boiled dumpling that then gets fried on both sides. Delishhhh!

Get a saucepan of water boiling, say the same size you'd cook pasta in. Dump 5-6 dumplings in and wait till they float to the top, they will become more translucent. It only takes 2 minutes or so. Then in a separate fry pan, with peanut or sesame oil, fry both sides till browned. You want to have both the boiling and the frying side to side on the go, so you can just batch cook them.

And here is our beauties! Douse with a little dressing and get ready to undo your pant buttons.


Want a similar cheat for ravioli? It's here Cheat's Vegetarian Ravioli Recipe

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8 Minute Killer HIIT Workout Circuit

I've got 2 moves in this 8 minute HIIT Workout, you can try in outdoors or even indoors if you are pushed for time.

30 secs each exercise (total 1 minute), aiming to go for maximal effort

Then rest 30 secs

Repeat for 8 rounds.

Need to increase intensity? extend the time or rounds and/or hold dumbells during the workout.

Exercise 1: Inchworm


Exercise 2: Lateral Lunge with Jump in the middle



More HIIT workouts or  Exercise Library via Instagram

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Hydrating Green SmJuoothie

SmJuoothie? It's not a typo, it's my hybird of Smoothie and juice! Not a really a juice but sorta kinda.

The SmJuoothie can be strained and served as a juice or just left with the "bits" as a smoothie. I'm all about embracing the bits because they are your fibre friends!

If you are anything like me and need to always be on your back about hydrating (yes!) then you'll love this refreshing blend. It's coming with me in the mornings as my pre breakkie and nutrient KICK!

Makes 2 BIG serves

Big Handful Kale, chopped
2 lemon, juiced
Cucumber, chopped
Granny smith
Filtered water

Whack all ingredients in your high speed blender, then fill with water as high as the vessel allows. I use a Nutribullet, leave it going for a good minute or so and really get it blended and smooth.

I'm so freaking thrifty, if I'm making it as more of a juice ("bit" free), I strained the pulp and then re blitz the pulp with more fresh water to create more "smjuoothie". It also means no fussing with a juicer, they are the worst kitchen appliance to get 100% clean!

You can store this in the fridge for 2-3 days in glass jars (or BPA free containers) or even freeze then thaw before drinking or re blitz for a green slushie.


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It's OK To Be Your Own Cheerleader

I needed this...

I needed this blurb to be one of the first things I see because sometimes when you feel a bit shit about yourself and/or life for no real apparent reason, you need this stuff. You need YOURSELF to act a bit fucking nicer to yourself.

You need to be your own bloody cheerleader.

And in my bathroom, at 530 am, I was a REALLY GOOD BLOODY CHEERLEADER.

Surely we ALL NEED THIS! I can't be alone here.

You see I've been doing a bit of smack talkin' to myself lately and it really needs to stop. I would NEVER talk the way I do to myself to one would but we do it all the time! We would never look at someone we love and nit pick 50 things that aren't working with their appearance, would we? Hell no but we somehow feel with ourselves it's open slather. Self hate party for one. It happens day in, day out. We need to dig ourselves out, back our bags and GTFO!

So I'm putting it out there, this is your last fucking warning STOP TALKIN' SMACK ABOUT YO SELF

- Love and appreciate yourself, start with little things.

- Wear and use your best things or items. Don't "save them" like how old ladies put plastic covers on their lounges or store their best china away. Best shoes, best bag, best undies, best tea cup, best/favourite everything! Everyday!

- Throw out a little gratitude everyday. I'm thankful for (insert blah)

- Celebrate YOU (I recently did a tally of my social media communities- FB/IG/Twitter & it's 21,500+ strong! That's so freaking awesome to me. So I gloated and you know what, I felt good! I felt a sense of purpose)

 - Celebrate OTHERS. Let go of the jealous bitch inside you and unleash the "power to ya my sister!" We need to stick together and not bring each other down constantly.

- Reconnect with your dreams and goals. Have a recap (or actually write something down) on what was important for you to achieve this year/month/week.

- Go and play outside in nature for a 10-20 minutes each day. Turn off the WIFI: Go and smell the grass, feel the rain, squish sand between your toes. Ground yourself to the earth.

And another thing? I'll keep defacing mirrors with expensive lipstick till my inner self gets the boost it needs. You should too!

I need you to comment below with your nicest/bestest thing you could possibly say about yourself...go (don't be scared!). Are you going to start defacing mirrors too?

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Healthy BLT Salad Bowl

Is a BLT sambo not the best sambo there practically is? Ahhh yes!

The only downside to the BLT or BLAT (with the A standing for Avocado) is that it can be a little well, oversized, filling and bready. So, if you're keeping on eye on the carbs or perhaps you are going gluten free, then this salad is the perfect stand in.

Enter BLT salad bowl

First things first, you'll need to make this sauce because 1. It's AMAZING! and 2. It pairs really well as a dressing for the salad bowl

Tomato & Eggplant Sauce

4 large tomatoes, cut in half
1 large eggplant, sliced
1 large red capsicum
2 cloves of garlic
10 kalamata olives, roughly chopped (don't roast these!)
salt and pepper
olive oil

Turn on your oven to 180 celsius while you prepare your veg in a roasting tray. Roasting the veggies is a little extra work for a BIG return- It makes your sauce taste MEAN! It doesn't have to look pretty because you will blitz it up when it's cooked. Oil and season your veg and then whack in the oven for 45 mins or so. You want them nice and cooked through. Remember all ovens are different so keep an eye on them.

Next step, let them cool for 10-15 mins before you dump them in the blender along with the olives. Hit the button and blitz them so they remain chunkyish.

You can store in the fridge for 2 weeks in a glass container, use as a pasta sauce, over a steak or as a salad enhancer (BLT on this way, baby!)

BLT Salad, single serve

1/4 Ice berg lettuce
handful of baby spinach
Few slices of fresh tomato
2 rashes grilled bacon
2 tbsp Kickass Sauce (see above)


Spiralised purple carrot or zucchini (yes, I know it's obvious I just got a new spiraliser. It's a Paderno from W & S and it is my everything!)

Slices of avocado

Arrange veg in a chopped salad kinda way (chunky and not super pretty/perfect), place bacon on top and then dot with some of the tomato sauce. Whoa! Delish

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Refined Sugar Free Easter Bunny Poo Balls

Looking for refined sugar free recipe's that taste good can be hard when Easter rolls around. It's all chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate (cheap, processed YUK!) Well now you don't have to miss out with these deliciously nutty and surprisingly sweet, Bunny Poo Balls. Dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free. These are also handy snacks to keep at work or have after the gym- high in protein and they keep your sugar levels balanced.

So let's  HOP TO IT! When you make yours share it on IG with the #easterbunnypooballs tag!

Makes 12 Small Balls or "Bunny Poo's"

1 cup raw cashews
2 tbsp chia seeds, soaked in 6 tbsp water for at least 15 mins
2 tbsp rice malt syrup
2 scoops of Nuzest Vanilla Protein Powder
2 tbsp cacao (plus extra for dusting)

Blitz the nuts in a Nutribullet or similar, till soft and crumbly (like a cheesecake base). You don't want to turn into a paste or nut butter. Dump the soft nut mixture a large silver bowl to work with other ingredients.

Add the gooey (glue like) chia seeds to the blitzed cashews with rice malt syrup, cacao and protein powder. Mix well, you'll get a bit of marbling look going on. The mix with then come together like a playdoh. Give it a squeeze it, so you compact the mixture slightly. Why not play with your food?!

Now, roll into small balls. I made mine about the size of a 20 cent coin (maybe my bunny needs to eat more fibrous carrots!). You can make them whatever size you want!

Place in the fridge and before serving roll all the balls in little bit of raw cacao to coat them or just lightly dust over the top.

If you would like more refined sugar free recipes, purchase my 50daysnosugar recipe eBook here and also try my Hot Cross Bun Smoothie

Happy Easter!

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