The Real Food Revolution 3-Day Event

The Real Food Revolution is a 3-day event designed to empower individuals to transform and take control of your own health and wellbeing. Reignite your passion for healthy eating and transform your mind, body and kitchen permanently!

The 2014 
Real Food Revolution was nation-wide sell-out event with industry experts and presenters such as Pete Evans, Therese Kerr and Dr Libby and many more. With over 8 locations in 2015, the event is coming to a location near you with even more speakers, live demonstrations, free samples and of course more FUN! It is in a conference style setting for a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. 3 day and 1 day tickets are available. 
Topics will be covered by over 
40 industry expert speakers range from fermentation, sprouting/wheatgrass, tonic herbalism, intuitive eat, paleo, raw, vegan, high carb low fat, chiropractic care, yoga/mediation, blending, juicing, dehydrating and more. It will be an event not only based on providing the latest information but also actually demonstrating and showing participants the how to’s.

Do you want to
  • Wake up feeling happy and more energised?
  • No longer experience food cravings and addictions?
  • Understand how to make peace with your plate?
  • Be a part of a life changing movement?
  • Enjoy real food?
  • Live with purpose, clarity and control?
  • Understand how to make real food dishes?
  • Improve your libido?

Here are just a few of the discoveries that you will make at The Real Food Revolution

  • Why water is the elixir of life, enzymes are the key to life and why digestion aids our existence.
  • How to get a flatter stomach within 30 days.
  • The 5 steps to making your eyes brighter, hair shinier and nails stronger.
  • The 5 reasons you should ‘fatten up’ -with GOOD fats.
  • How food can awaken a higher purpose and consciousness, positively impacting other areas of your life.
  • The key variables that make perfect fermented food and beverages.
  • Why raw food living is the key to longevity and vitality.
2015 DATES:

 Perth: 12-14 June - Perth Town Hall
Gold Coast: 26-28 June - Crowne Plaza, Surfers Paradise
Sydney: 10-12 July - Kirribilli Club
Canberra: 31 July - 2 August - Rydges Capital Hill
Melbourne: 14-16 August - Ibis Melbourne
Adelaide: 11-13 September - The Payneham Library
Hobart: 28-30 August - Wrest Point
Cairns: 02-04 October - The Pullman Hotel

I'm so excited to be a guest at this event, as an affiliate I've organised a special discount code for you 

Nourishing Pumpkin Soup

PSA: You've gotta ditch the cup-a-soups, ladies. Talk about weirdness in a packet! They are doing you no favours....

You are working through your lunch break (AGAIN!) and you think "I'll be good and have a soup, soup is healthy". Well fresh soup is healthy- it's packed with veggies and generally a bit of stock and spices and BOOM but not dehydrated, sugar filled Frankensoup.

You are so much better than Cup-A-Soup!

The Cup-A-Soup ads portray a CHEF making your soup and the reality is far from this. What you do have, is a packet of sad weirdness and you know what? Soup is SO FREAKING EASY TO MAKE AND STORE. Ditch the sugar, flavour enhances et al and go for this nourishing "cup-a-soup" remake version

Serves 4

1/2 Butternut Pumpkin
2 medium potatoes
1 onion
Big slurp of Coconut milk (about 1/4 cup)
salt & pepper
1 litre of vegetable stock
1 tsp chilli flakes or sweet smoked paprika
Optional: finely grated ginger (such a zingy addition), a small nub will do

Chop your veggies, same size is preferable and add to a pot with a dash of olive oil, the heat is medium to high. Let them have 1-2 minutes to saute. Next, add your spice and then add your stock. You are going to bring this up to the boil then turn it on a low-medium. I use a hand mixer to blend it when the veg starts softening.  Give it another 5 minutes on the low heat and then add in your coconut milk, stir. Taste- add seasoning. It can stay on low for another 2-3 mins and then it's done.

Get your favourite mug and pour in!

Want to really hit the spot? Add a hunk of crusty grainy sourdough-Perfection



Glass jars or BPA free plastic containers in the fridge for 3-4 days. For freezer, I generally use BPA free plastic containers. Freeze up to 2-3 months.

Are you a pumpkin soup fan? If not, what soup is your jam?

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Maintain Your Fitness And Health To Beat The Winter Blues

Yes its getting colder and dark earlier, Winter is on it’s way but instead of camping on the couch and drinking hot chocolates like they are going out of fashion, how about you opt to make this Winter a little different? Let's try to avoid the winter weight gain and let's do it NOW! It's totally possible to maintain your fitness & beat the winter blues 

Here's how you can stay fit and fabulous throughout winter and still get into that bikini come spring & summer.

DO NOT STOP EXERCISING! Seriously! Unless you're a bear going down a cave to hibernate, you need to keep your regime going. If you don't have one, then what a great time to start one. Start with 20 mins per day at a minimum. Consistency is what get's results.

Your body burns more calories in Colder months, just trying to keep warm, so use it to your advantage. Try increasing your weights at the gym or adding a few hill sprints into your running plan.

Add some interesting activities to your program. Try plyometric type exercises (jump squats, box jumps, jump lunges, burpees, knee ups, etc) You definitely will NOT be cold after adding these to your routine. You'll burn more calories whilst doing these types of exercise- Bonus! 

This move from my FREE exercise library is a cracker for the legs! 

Exercise when it suits you. If you are hopeless in the evening then workout in the morning. Or if you want to enjoy your warm bed for a little longer then move your sessions to the evening or even lunchtime. Rather than missing your session, feeling guilty, you can simply workout when it best suits you! Unless you’re an athlete, where nutrient timing and exercise timing really gives you % differences with regards to your performance- you really should exercise when it best fits your schedule.

Join Nat’s 6 Week Fitness Challenge! Morning or Evening sessions
Centennial Park, Randwick  26th May 2015 register here
Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills Starts 1st June 2015 register here

This is for Sydney based ladies wanting to get fitter, stronger, leaner and more body confident!

Get moving with fun Winter (indoor) activities: We are spoilt in Australia with our Winter’s hardly artic but it’s still a change from our 30+ degree sunny Summer days. If braving the cold just doesn’t suit try indoor fun instead. Go trampolining, indoor rock climbing, ten pin bowling, squash, indoor soccer, dancing or martial arts. All can be a great way of mixing up your training whilst burning calories, having an awesome time and reducing stress.

Don't forget about your goals just because your body is buried under layers of clothing. Remind yourself that Spring is only a few months away and the more temptation you give into, the harder you will need to work once the weather warms up. It’s all about changing your thought process and staying committed and focused on our goals and training- No matter what time of year!

Other ways to boost health during winter

Eat healthy, lean meals. You can still have your "comfort foods" but why not try healthy versions on them. Think soups, slow cooker meals with hearty warming veggies and proteins with wholegrains.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise! Got it? I love using coconut oil on mybody and I use essential oils on my face. Coconut oil is so darn versatile you can even pop a tablespoon in your smoothie for an added healthy saturated fat boost.

Don’t forget about your water intake. A great way to fill up before a meal is with a herbal tea or glass of warm water. The colder months tends to see a decline in cold drinks, which can lead to dehydration. Aim for plenty of fresh filtered plain water throughout the day, herbal teas, homemade bone broths and no added sugar coconut water. How much water should I drink Guide

Are you a Winter gal? What's your favourite fitness activity for the cooler months?

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Best Exercises For Lower Back Pain

For those that haven't experienced lower back pain- it can a bloody, painful, nightmare. I want to share my suggestions for managing lower back pain.

I've had my fair share, some lasting longer than others. Whether it's exercise related or injury/accident related, it's important to not "leave it to get better". I want to share some releases/exercises/stretches to do when back pain strikes. So we are clear, the pain I'm talking about here is more acute so exercise related or injury related (say tissue or muscle damage- something that will heal in a given period of time) not chronic back pain. See below for a quick run down.

Chronic VS Acute Back pain

Chronic back pain usually  It's that type of pain that's been with you "forever" It's a dull constant ache. It may be related to postural imbalances or spinal damage from a car accident. Within this branch is also nerve pain.

Acute pain, tends to be more about tissue damage and lasts less than 3-6 months (think of that pain from hammering your thumb by mistake). Most commonly, you'll have a "sore back' for a few days or a few weeks.

1. Acknowledge the injury: Something has tweaked, you felt it. The worst (DUMBEST) thing you could possibly do is ignore it. In some cases it may correct it self (you may have just slept in a weird position) but in the majority of cases you're going to need to do a little recovery/looking after your back.

2. Book an appointment with your allied health professional of choice: Chiro, Osteo, Massage Therapist or Physio would be my top 4 people to consult. A GP isn't going to be of much help because they don't have the extensive sport/exercise knowledge that my top 4 do. You rarely need referrals to see Chiro's etc just make an appointment. I've spoken about this before in this " expert tips for dealing with injuries post. If your posture is an underlying issue, you may need a regular appointment with some corrective exercise as part of your recovery.

3. If your diagnosis is to rest, do that! If you can do some light stretches and say, walking do that. These below stretches would be my helpful to do. Never stretch or move to the point of pain. It's about freeing up your back to promote recovery.

Hip flexor stretch video. This stretch releases the often tight hip flexor muscles in the front of the hip/quad area (psoas muscle) which will in turn help release the lower back. 

Lower back stretch/release. Offers a kind of  "wringing out" for your spine


Foam rolling: Great for managing tightness and offers the same "feeling" of a deep tissue massage


4. Are you a runner? I see a lot of runners with poor running form and lack of strength. This post Best exercise to improves your running will be a great start for you and should help you build strength to improve your running ability. Even if you are a seasoned runner, make sure these are in your running routine.

5. Get your technique checked! Make sure you have an experienced PT or exercise specialist that you consult (even just for a few sessions). The amount of girls I see with long term injuries because they were performing exercises incorrectly or jumping around in group exercise classes unsupervised never ceases to amaze me. Spend the money and do it right! by creating a strong structure in the first place, you give yourself a leg up in the injury prevention stakes.  

6. Hot water bottle or wheat bag: These remedies can help as well, 20 minutes or so of heat at a time 3-4 times per day will help will the achy feeling. I don't usually recommend medications however some anti-inflammatory tablets or gel (Nurofen etc) will provide quick relief. These tends to be a band aid solution so don't forget to seek professional help if your condition doesn't improve.

How you ever experienced back pain? How did it happen and what did you do for it?

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Lemony Chicken & Vegetable Risotto

Allow me to have a moment before I actually explode! I've just realised a whole bunch of files have been deleted. ARGHHHHHH, FARRRRK! Don't you hate that?!

I need sustenance, I need a carb of some description. Carb's will surely lift my mood.

Risotto, perfect! And it's butter free (how weird!)

2 carrots, diced
1 onion, diced
4 chicken thighs, chopped
Cup of peas
Handful chopped kale
1 litre chicken stock
2 cups water
1 cup Arborio rice
1 garlic clove, peeled and just chuck in whole
Lemon peel of whole lemon
Olive oil

In a large pan, heat oil and stir in rice, coat with oil till the rice becomes slightly translucent. Add carrot, onion and chicken to cook to lightly fry. Give it a few stirs and get a little on it. Add the half of the stock plus one cup of water. Also add the whole garlic clove and lemon peel. You will remove this when the dish has cooked through. Give it a good stir and then cover to absorb. A lot of people think risotto needs constant stirring but you really can just leave the rice to absorb the stock.

Once the rice had drunk the stock add a little more stock and water, stir and cover. Reserve say 1/4 stock and 1/4 cup water for "one more go"at absorbing. Your aim is to be relaxed (people often get stressy over risotto- chill out lady) and just get the rice to cook through- check it along the way but it should take 25 minutes or so. If you need more water/stock just add it (little by little)

When you are about 5 mins away from cooked through, add the greens (kale and peas) just to wilt down.

You can add a little Parmesan cheese before serving! This is also super delicious for leftovers or go one up and turn them into Arancini balls.


Made risotto before- do you leave it or are you a stirrer?

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Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil

I'm on a mission to detoxify my life, currently it's my beauty bag. Slowly but surely, I'm getting there. Think cost effective, less disruption to hormones and nicer to the planet.

Yeah but I don't want to look weird! Me either, I've got your back. You are rocking it with me and I like nice things. I won't let you down.
"Hold still, Auntie, You look AMAZING, promise!" Little Nat 

Why do I even give a shit? Well, I feel that with more and more awareness about toxin's in our environment you really want to give yourself the best chance at a long, healthy life. The products you put on your skin get absorbed into your skin. It's not rocket science, hey? Also, our world is becoming one giant hell whole advertisement about all the products we "must have" and few people, past self included, are fearful about trying other options.

I've toyed with the idea about detoxing my beauty bag for a long time and I'm pleased to say I'm finally making my way through using up everything. I'm also still dealing with my last Sephora bill shock experience on a few US holidays. I don't wear make-up very often (1-2 per week) and I really feel this will be the hardest thing to give up- I love me some YSL & Chanel.

So what have I found that working well?

Use an Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

1. Makeup Remover: You can so do away with with makeup removal wipes/potions and get stuck into using coconut oil. You can't get any more "au naturale" that this, ladies! And it works! I just rub a small coin sized amount in hands to warm through and then apply and wipe off with a face washer or cotton ball.

2. All over body Moisturiser: I've now completely done away with any "over the counter" moisturiser type product and have my pot of coconut oil in a big glass jar to lather myself in after my shower. It also smells like a freaking holiday!
Rocking that fresh No-Makeup Face!

3. Hair mask: Weekly, I whack in a wodge of coconut oil, just warmed through me hands to make it runny, and leave on for a few hours before giving it a good scrub with shampoo and conditioner. Helps to tame frizz and increases shines.  My hair is severely unruly and this really helps my tresses.

4. Hair Tamer: Perfect for curly hair (my hair type). I use it sparingly and it works to control frizz very much like any other hair oil product on the market with the added bonus of no nasties

5. Lip Balm: Just a swipe of oil over the lips and rub together. Good to go!

6. Sunscreen: I use it as a sunscreen however it only offers light protection (about 4 SPF). As I've said before, you need to do what YOU feel is best with regards to your sunscreen protection. I'm a sunbaker from way back and I already have quite olive skin. I want to really stick up for coconut oil as sunscreen because since solely using it as my sunscreen I've never been "red raw" burnt and I'm in the sun (hot Australian sun, Mate!) ALL THE TIME!

7. Body Scrub: I just 50/50 it with brown sugar or Bi carb soda (my NEW FAVOURITE THING!) also works.

Still to be improved upon/Still yet to try it out:

1. Oil Pulling: An ancient Ayurvedic tradition to brighten, whiten teeth and drawn out toxins. It's not high on my "beauty regime" but a lot of people swear by it. I've did it a few times, probably good for a in the shower kinda exercise, as you need about 20 minutes. Learn more about oil pulling

2. Deodorant: I didn't entirely have the best of luck with this one yet but I did find a natural deodorant that keeps "my pits" fresh and sweet smelling. I was just wiping a layer on my arm pit and leaving it but I found I got noticeably smellier as the day went on. I have read though that because your sweat glands are adjusting to not having the traditional blocking properties of normal antiperspirant, it takes a while to adjust. I have also read about the need for a powder (corn starch or bi carb) to be added, to make a paste, to absorb odours. I'll try this concoction and report back.

3. Stretch Marks Caused From Pregnancy: No, I will not be having a baby to test this out! Any mums, who have tried it, comment below and report your findings. I personally don't analyse every stretch mark on my body but perhaps the daily moisturising with the coconut oil has helped?

4. Wounds: Never tried it but apparently you can place on wounds to heal and act as a protective barrier. Totally makes sense. Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties.

If you want to learn more about going toxin free with your makeup/skin care products, try these sites:

Get your current beauty products rated for toxin levels:

Buy toxin free beauty/skincare products:

Awesome homemade skincare:

Low tox living:

Everything for a simplier life:

Have you used Coconut oil for beauty purposes? Tell me more.....

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6 Week Fitness Challenge: Centennial Park & Glebe Starts 26th May 2015

Don't hide under your duvet, keep fit & get lean! 

There's nothing worse than letting all your good work go to waste during the cooler months and if I was to put my expert hat on, the key to long lasting fitness results is CONSISTENCY plus great eating habits

Yes, it can be tough at times to get up and get moving on those cooler days but it's time to use the cooler weather to your advantage! See, in summer you whinge that's it's too hot and in winter you bellow about it being too cold. Guess what? There's no perfect time- you've just gotta get it done. 

I'm on the hunt for ladies looking at doing just that! I'm putting out the call for my  Centennial Park Randwick (map location E5) outdoor fitness group held on  Tuesday/Thursday 615-7am and Saturday 845-930am.   Also Glebe (Wentworth Park) Fridays 615-7am 

We run our challenge every 6 weeks to allow for development and new women to join through the year. Most of our girls just continue on after their initial first round. 

All fitness levels and ages are welcomed to our small group fitness sessions. Save money and achieve your goals with this cash savvy way of training. We work exclusively with women and focus all our attention to their training requirements.

We perform high intensity fun, interactive workouts that includes a variety of exercise modalities (weights, body weight, kettle bell work, core training, HIIT and running). Our classes are 45 minutes and are guaranteed to get you lean and fit at the same time.  


What our clients say:

"It feels so good to finally make progress!" BC, Sydney
"Great sessions- The workouts are challenging!" KR, Sydney
"You've help me feel alive again" RJ, Sydney

"You've whipped me into shape faster than I ever could'" ET, Sydney


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