Learn To Love Your Shape With Adelle Cousins, Blogger

If you struggle with finding the perfect outfit for your shape, stress no more! Adelle Cousins from Where The Styled Things Are, has got you lovely ladies sorted. Identify your shape and dress that rig up! 

Take it away, Adelle.....

 I am an advocate for dressing for my shape, and when Gok Wan partnered up with Target I fan girled it right into my local Target just to see what he was recommending. The principles were all the same to how I knew them myself, however he was making it seem a lot more fun, fresh and was at the same time, giving women a reason to dress up and stand out and celebrate THEIR shape! As I think about all of the fruits in my fruit bowl right now I picked out a pear as this is most definitely my shape for now, I used to be a rectangle with no bumps or lumps but over time (oh age you naughty thing you!) my thighs have expanded.

We all have a shape and we have to understand as women that some things that are on trend, just won’t suit us. As a pear, low rise skinny jeans accentuate those blasted thighs like a huge pimple in the middle of my forehead. Let’s face it, if you look in a full length mirror and the parts you despise are standing out like bulls balls then it’s obvious we are wearing the wrong clothing for our shape. Our bodies are beautiful no matter what our size, however If I told you that you can cover up that belly, mask your hips and make your breasts look larger by evening it all out with clothes and without sucking it all in with spanks – you’d be willing to listen right? Well strip down ladies…it’s time for your lesson on your lovely bodies!

First things first, what’s your shape?

Apple: You are in proportion however carry most of your weight around your belly. Think Drew Barrymore, Oprah Winfrey!

Pear: You are bottom heavy, bigger thighs/hips/bum (I call this womanly though!). Just like Beyonce and Shakira!

Strawberry: You are top heavy, you lucky girl, you have bigger breasts or broad shoulders. Dolly Parton and Jennifer Saunders are also Strawberries.

Hourglass: Delicious! Your waist is thin and you have in proportion breasts and thighs…I would love an hourglass figure! Think Nigella Lawson and Scarlett Johansson.

Rectangle: Straight up and down, most women would kill for this shape! Spice babe Mel C and Rachel Hunter are also rectangles.

Got your shape? Now it’s time to dress you!

Apple – the key is to accentuate your bottom and top half and avoid eye contact to your middle.
·       A flared maxi dress or wrap will accentuate everything but your mid section, and try out some low neck lines to show off your lady lumps a little!
·       Boot cut or flared jeans will balance out your body, and ladies, 70’s jeans are so in for Autumn/winter so flare away!
·       Fitted jackets that button below the bust are great to nip in the waist, tailored coats and light trenches are your go to’s!

Pear – they key is to accentuate your top half to even out your thighs.
·       Emphasise that bust to even out the thigh/hip/butts – use low necklines and have fun with colour up top, and try out some embellished or detailed bodice’s.
·       Wide leg jeans and flares again will even out your thigh/hip/butt area, and mid rise OH MID RISE jeans work the best, they elongate your legs!
·       Try structured and wide jackets – bringing our your shoulders will even out that area you despise.

Strawberry – the key is to emphasise your bottom half!
·       One strap dresses will narrow out your top half and A-line dresses will look great on you! And a V neck will draw the eye down.
·       Boot cut jeans again will even out your top half, and lighter shades of denim will flatter those legs.
·       Now is your time to purchase a gorgeous coat that flares from the waist.

Hourglass – the key is to accentuate that little itty bitty waist.
·       Wrap dresses will hug that mid section, also go out and buy sweetheart and v necklines!!
·       Wide leg and flare jeans are perfect for you, evening out the bottom of your legs to your thighs, however if you have small thighs – slap on a skinny jean!!
·       Belted coats and trenches will cinch in that lovely waist and will make you look a million bucks! Be bold with some bright colours or patterns – polka dots or a bright red.

Rectangle – the key is to cinch in that waist and bring out your top and bottom half.
·       Halternecks will accentuate your top half, not a lot of people can pull a halterneck off but you certainly can! Also go crazy with tops, frill's, bows and embellishments up top will even out your shape. MOST top shapes suit your body because you want to bring out that top half.
·       Skinny jeans! Lucky you! Also a slim jean will hug those lovely legs.
·       A flared coat will pop those hips, or why not try a crop jacket that stop at the hip? Or you can add a belt to a coat to cinch in that waist.

Learn to love that body of yours, and dress for it to your advantage! Now you have the secrets…go forth and be bootylicious! x Adelle

Visit Adelle's blog: www.wherethestyledthingsare.com

Outdoor Fitness In Centennial Park & North Sydney: GET HELLA FIT

The holiday season is so freaking close I can smell it! There's one little thing we need to take care of though and that's your body! Are you ready for the onslaught or do you think you will just fade into the crowd and "start next year?'' NO WAY JOSE! That's loser talk- Get moving and do it now or never! 

GET HELLA FIT is 21 days to go hard, create a strong lean body and start the holiday season off with a BANG! Guided by yours truly  

Sessions available: 

Tuesday, Thursday 615-7am and Saturday 845-930am Centennial Park, Randwick

Monday, Wednesday, Fri 1215-1pm McMahons Point/North Sydney SORRY ALL FULL (you can register interest for 2015!)

Join as many of the above classes for 21 days from 22nd Nov-12th December 2014 and pay  just $149 to watch and feel your fitness soar! This is an intensive training group but well worth the sweat and hard work. Slink into those party dresses and wear your bikini/tankini/monokini with pride, girlfriend! All ages and fitness levels welcomed

We will also support you with dietary advice and fitness homework/workouts to do along your 21 days!

To apply to join, register here, let's get you moving! 


20 Reasons Why It's AWESOME To Be A Strong Woman

1. You can unscrew those tough jar lids without asking for help

2. You can carry all your shopping bags from the car in one trip, even if it kills you, you will not do a 2nd trip.

3. When you walk past a mirror, you can't help but stare at your own body and feel proud

4. You can eat a piece of cake or an wedge of cheese and know It'll help make your muscles grow

5. You are in love with your "big" strong, muscly legs

6. Men stare at you during your workout at the gym and it's not because have a crop top on

7. We give compliments to other women without sounding like a jealous bitch

8. Your kids actually think you may have been a superhero in a previous life

9. Your partner loves you for you!

10. Your friends admire your dedication

11. You love your curves and all your edges. As if cellulite is going to ruin your vibe!

12. If you are having a shitty day, you know a workout will turn it around

13. You know about the beauty of balance- cheeseburgers, salad, wine, fruit and steak and chocolate.

14. You stop when you are finished, not when you are tired.

15. You regularly take time out to focus on yourself without feeling guilty

16. You don't need makeup to feel beautiful

17. You don't let a belly roll stop you from rocking a bikini!

18. You know your dreams are up to you

19. You know eating a packet of tim tams won't fix ANY problem, except maybe hunger

20. You surround yourself with others who lift you up and support you. You will not be brought down by energy vampires

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iFLY: Indoor Skydiving

I would never jump put of a plane, except maybe if my life depended on it. I'm just reallllly not that much of adrenaline seeker. I need to know variables are controlled and moderated, Yes I'm a control freak- I get it! Don't get me wrong, I love taking chances, having awesome fun and getting out of my comfort zone but just minus the danger factor! When I was asked to be a guest at iFly downunder and try Indoor skydiving, I literally jumped at the chance. This I can totally handle. Safe, controlled but fun and pretty much like the real deal without the jumping out of a plane, 15000 ft in the air strapped to someone. Bring it on

iFly Downunder, provides the exact same sky diving experience for ages 3-103, in a fully controlled safe environment. This is the biggest and most powerful vertical wind tunnel in the southern hemisphere. Located in Penrith, the vertical chamber is powered by 4 x 450 horse powered fans that can achieve speeds of up to 250 km per hour which is powerful enough to lift anyone into flight on a cushion of air. How fun does that sound?

Just a tip: Mouth closed at all times! 

The awesome thing about Indoor Skydiving is that it is for anyone! The instructors are super friendly and helpful. Our instructor Matt, had clocked up hundreds of hours of traditional (outdoor) skydiving and as well as indoor skydiving. The iFly facility is used currently as a training ground for skydiving instructors and the Australian military. He takes us through our safety video to show us how to fly and then we get decked out in our flying gear (helmet, goggles, flying suit and ear plugs- you'll need those!). We are ready to fly.....oh and I'm up first! WTF?! Halp!

We sit down together in the "waiting area" and I can hear the sound of the engines roaring! Why, why, why am I doing this first? Matt summons me and my heart is beating hard and fast. My mantra is "just breathe".  Matt pulls me in and I'm propelled into the air. I'M FREAKING FLYINGGGGGGGG! My head is buzzing and I'm recounting the body positions from the instructional video- chin up, hands in front and legs slightly bent. WOOOHHHOOOOOO! I'm flying. I'm also not really breathing so I remember Matt's advice "just relax". I'm in the chamber for about a 1 minute, while my other buddies cheer and watch on. My "turn" is coming to an end and it's time to exit stage left....of course not my most graceful exit. My legs are flying all over place and I clearly didn't listen to the exit strategy very well. Matt pushes me through and I'm back on dry land! I'm buzzing. That was such a cool experience. Additional extras include photos of your flight and a high flyer experience (which I definitely recommend). You get taken up in through the full chamber with an instructor holding onto you and it's maximum height.


Packages start from $89 www.iflydownunder.com.au, I recommend getting a group of friends/work colleagues together and making a day of it.

The aftermath: I'm still buzzing from the surge of adrenaline, it's time to chow down on some healthy raw delights at the UpRaw cafe, conveniently located in the iFly Downunder centre. My body feels like it's had a workout and the next day my arms and abs are sore, so I'm guessing my core had a little workout for the flight. I can't wait to give it another shot with some of my buddies!

Are you a thrill seeker, What's the craziest thing you've done in the search of endorphins?

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Playground Workout

Kick the kids off the playground equipment and tell them it's your turn!.....Ok that's a bit mean but I'm sure you catch my drift. The playground is filled with workout possibilities. Who needs a busy gym when you've got one right in your local playground. They all vary, so get creative and start trying a few of these out for yourself.

Moves to try: 

1. Ab Swing ins, target the arms and core

2. Swing rows, target the back and arms

3. Body weight dips, target triceps with this move. 

Ab swing outs! You could also do this with a plain old normal swing (my park is clearly fancy!), hold that navel to spine 


Row under the cargo net (p.s Hard!), great for the upper body


The brick wall hoist, your whole body will love this

Other options: Bench step ups, walking lunges, pull ups or knee to elbows on the monkey bars 

Try it all in a circuit type situation or focus on reps of 12 for 3-4 sets. 

The Struggle Is Real: Body Image Issues

I'm going to hazard a guess and say (according to a recent Nat Carter bureau of statistic's poll: 90% of us have body image issues, then the leftover 3% are supermodels (ugh!) and 7% of women are actually lying about the fact that they don't have body image issues.

We have issues, face it. The struggle, gals, is real!

Tall, short, fat, skinny, round, square, disabled, able bodied, vision impaired, scarred, tattooed, pretty, blue eyed, brown skinned, pasty, freckled, belly rolls, 6 packs, muscles, broken, big butted, small butted, red hair, blonde hair, no hair and it goes on and on and on....

As a former fat girl (FFG), the full story is here if you care to read it, I was/am the queen of body image issues. My most common issue- not seeing the size I really am, forever unable to see what other people (including other women) see. It's happening both ways for me. I was bulging out of a size 16 jeans before I realised I was 3 sizes too big for my clothes. I also don't really register my shrinkage into smaller sizes. I often don't think a size 10 will even go anywhere near my body, even though it does. The struggle is unending. I say that with a true honesty, even given my profession in the fitness industry. You can think that whenever you accomplish a certain weight loss goal your life immediately turns into the thing you've always hoped it to be: Skinny and pretty and amazing. The reality is NOT THAT. So many women, myself including find it hard to get their heads around their new bodies and then the general upkeep of that said body.

Why do we have such weirded out body image? Well, is it just us being over thinkers, perfectionists, stressy weirdos or is the media, other women around us or is it men? I don't know really. I probably believe it's a combo of all of those really. I do totally believe that because body image is something passed down through family generations that unless you really foster an awesome, positive, soul building body image in your children, you will in fact repeat the "mistakes" of your parent/grandparent and so on.

How can we get past our body image issues? There's definitely no quick fix and I truly believe no set protocol. It's like when I train 2 girls, one responds to the bossy/stand over tactics I dish out and the other may need more of a gentle/easy does it/hold my hand approach. I'm 100% sure you need to come to terms with your body issues and why they've infiltrated your life for so long. I also feel:

Talking about them with other females helps. Literally turn to the person next to you right now and strike up a body conversation. I can tell you, you'll find common ground with each other, no matter how different your body types.

Take Action. Put down the cake, lace up your shoes. The impact of a healthy diet and exercise on body image is massive! All you need to focus on is busting the anxiety. Don't focus on your body at all (i.e leave the physical goals for a while). On the flip side, if you are a fitness freak, maniac exerciser- just stop. Try yoga or meditation. Just do very little. It can totally work wonders for you. Then as you feel the anxiety lessening, increase your workload- try new things and have regular downtime and recovery.

Embrace and see past our flaws. Ask yourself if it really matters that you have different sized boobs or a belly roll or that you are taller than all of your friends? I mean isn't it great to just be here, to be in the game of life.

Give back. Take yourself and your body out of the equation. Give back to a charity, or friend in need or complete stranger. Even just engaging in positive acts of kindness will help in seeing the bigger picture.

The take home message? A little bit of love goes a long way. Start small, see the beauty in your imperfections and embrace them. Change what you feel comfortable with (that's with non drastic measures) and be happy with being a "work in progress".

Let's start a conversation....where do your body image issues stem from? What is the main cause for your concern?

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The Do Anywhere Workout

Yep, you read correctly. Do. Anywhere. Workout.

Full body and guaranteed to get you hot, sweaty and a little bit sexy too, maybe even reallllll sexy. Don't blame me though

I love these style of workouts because they are easy to do anywhere (hence the name!) and get rid of most excuses. They are a fun challenge and you can try it on holiday: on sand, in your hotel room or outdoors like me.

And it goes a little something like this,

1. 60 knees on the spot

2. 50 squats

3. 40 sec of plank hold

4. 30 skaters

5. 20 reverse lunges

6. 10 full push ups

Repeat 6-8 times, if you are a total beginner try resting at the end of each set. This will push you.
Glutton for punishment? Add a 400m run at the end of each set


Join Nat in Sydney for her Learn, Laugh, Burn fitness workshop

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