Fit Or Fat: If I Am Overweight Does That Make Me Unfit?

Josh Smith from Mitise Health, a PT from Adelaide, caught my attention with a post on his blog post on "InstaFit" and the unbalanced nature of a lot of their "programs", he ruffled feathers and pissed a whole bunch of people off and has since removed the first post (because people get all "legal" when you tell it like it is!) but there is a part 2 available for your viewing pleasure. The post went viral because of the subject matter but you know what? I freaking applaud him for putting himself out there in the first place for all the keyboard warriors (worriers) and crazy "teeny" fitness fans of these Instagram fitness "celebrities" to take aim at him.  That's what us movers and shakers of the fitness and healthy industry need to do! We need to put our message out there that this focus on perfection isn't the right direction to move forward into long lasting body love and confidence. A 20 something's view on the world will eventually change as they age (and get a little saggy!) or maybe they will forever worry about what their abs look like. There is so much more to life than worry about how lean you are! Someone focused heavily on what they look like doesn't necessarily make them an amazing coach or personal trainer. Food for thought, anyway!   

Today, Josh jumps in and takes over Natalie Carter Talks Fitness! Enjoy

In today’s image-based society, we often see the terms ‘fit’ and ‘fat’ bandied around as if they are mutually exclusive. If your body stores more body fat, you are automatically assumed to be ‘unfit’, whereas if you store less body fat, it is generally assumed you are ‘fit’.

This could not be more wrong.

As a lifestyle, strength and conditioning coach I have seen my fair share of bodies, and if one thing is clear it is this – every body has the potential to achieve great levels of fitness, regardless of body fat levels.

Will you lose body fat exercising and moving more? Sure.

Will every body look the same after undertaking an exercise and movement program? Definitely not.
Bodies come in many different shapes and sizes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and responses to movement. Those people whose ancestors originated from colder climates (think northern Europe and New Zealand) tend to naturally store more body fat than those whose ancestors originated in more temperate climates. Some bodies prefer to lift heavy weights, some bodies respond best to long runs and cycling sessions.

The fact is, there is NO ideal body type nor body fat percentage.

With the rise of social media, particularly photo-sharing sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Imgur, the exposure to other people’s ideas of ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ is becoming far more prolific. Nowadays, you don’t have to put in the hard yards to have your ideas published - anyone can start a blog, pay to have it promoted on social media and achieve notoriety.

Unfortunately, ‘opinion’ is just that – opinion. The fact that we are all individuals - with our own strengths and weaknesses, thoughts, feelings and motivations – has been moved aside to make way for ‘business’ and the building of hugely profitable products and services that sell to the masses.
There is no money in promoting individualism, especially in the ‘health’ industry (think the Biggest Loser, think the billion dollar supplement industry and think five minute doctor consults).

I wish to change that.

I wish to see ability promoted over aesthetics. I wish to see the promotion of each body as beautiful, regardless of size. I wish to see health promoted as the end-result of happiness. I wish to see what you can do, without the use of special effects and filters.

And I wish for you to join me. Join me in my attempt to re-claim the idea behind what ‘health’ is.

In my opinion, to be ‘healthy’ is to hold the positive mindset that comes from the ability to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and how you want to do it. Run, climb, jump, train, or play with your children – whatever your thing is, to be able to do it happily is what achieving ‘health’ is all about.

Omnia mea mecum porto


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5 Minute Ab Workout With No Sit Ups Or Crunches

Oh JLo, we love your abs! 

What's the big deal about crunches and situps? Well, us trainers go on about avoiding them or trying up new moves that still will work those muscles but rather than developing thickness in your middle (which is what sit ups and crunches will eventually do) these moves are incorporating your core as a whole unit and also help to tighten your tummy muscles, kind of like a corset. So if you want a flatter stomach, along with good nutrition, these core tightening and tummy flattening exercises are a better option. Let's get moving


Pike Swiss Ball, try 15 reps of this exercise for 4 sets. Get a good movement coming from the hips and abs and keep nice and stable in the upper body.  


Ball Slam, I'm using a wall ball here (it's weighted heavier down the bottom so it can be a little trickier to hold), perform these slams with force towards the ground on a nice flat surface. Again aim for 15 slams and really squat into it as shown. Try these 4 times

Side plank hold, balancing on your elbow which is directly under your shoulder, stack both hips on top of each other then push yourself up and hold. If you are feeling extra confident, add the hand up. Really aim to draw your navel to spine and continue to draw in for the duration of 45 secs. Build the time up by 15 secs. Remember to do both sides. You could also start on your knees if you finding it too tough on both feet. Perform twice on each side


Mountain climbers, climb your way to strong abs with this move. Aim for 30 knees in, 4 sets. I like to mix it up, I do fast ones. Then a round of slower, more concentrated ones, I'm really working on pulling my lower abs in with these move. 

This Push & Squeeze move is the triple threat, your in your elevated push up position but as you go down into the arm bend or press part, you lift on leg at time and squeeze your butt cheek. These are tough sotake it slow and go easy. Aim for 10 then build up to 20, 2-3 sets. Keep your torso nice and long and your head still, keep your eyes on your hands.

If you had enough equipment at your disposal (wall ball, bench & swissball) , you could perform all 5 of these in a circuit. One after the other and resting after completion of the 5th exercise. Aim for 4 sets  

Is A Nutribullet Worth Buying?

If you have ever been intrigued by infomericals and their products then this is the video for you! I give the Nutribullet a whirl (literally). Watch and see for yourself!

Fresh Fit Meals Healthy Meal Packages Review

Prepping your food and meals can turn into somewhat of a drag at times. We know what to do, most of us anyway but sometimes life just get's in the way. The guys at Fresh Fit Meals had me taste test (HELLO eating! My dream job) some of their convenience meals and I was blown away by the deliciousness.

Based in Sydney, Sam, the owner, is a personal trainer and the idea for Fresh Fit Meals was born out of his frustration to find good balanced meals for his clients at a reasonable price that could be easily reheated at work or home or simply after a busy day. As a trainer myself, I'm totally aware of the predicament a lot of our clients (and even ourselves) get themselves into. Yes, there are food delivery companies out there but who want's to come home to frozen meals that taste all the same and are questionable in quality? I know I wouldn't want that. So Fresh Fit Meals was born!

All the meals are perfectly balanced and they are also all dairy and gluten free. They source free range meats, free from chemicals and also halal certified. Most importantly the meals are FRESH not frozen and are delivered straight to your door. The menu is updated regularly and seasonally (which is awesome!) and if you are calorie counting or need nutritional tables etc that is all available to you.

I must say, I'm totally going to miss opening up the fridge and just whipping out a meal pack. I've really enjoyed these meals and I hope you guys get a chance to sample something from Fresh Fit Meals. I'd recommend starting with a 10 meal pack, $129, to get an idea of what your enjoy from the range. My favourites were the Lamb casserole- such tender lamb and the veggies are perfectly cooked. The salads are crunchy and fresh, I took them out on our boat the other day (saved me packing lunch!) and even my man commented on how tasty they were. The maple cured pork with lentil and quinoa is up there with one of the best salads I've ever eaten!

I hope you ladies enjoy your meals as much as I did. Place your order on their website, orders go through on Monday and Thursday! You can also pick the meals up from several locations or simply have them delivered straight to your door.

Greenify Your Life!

Here's a few easy ways to green up your day, I've covered a few bases here: health, body, home and the environment. All are achievable for our day to day busy lifestyles, it's just a case of getting stuck in there and doing it. Change can be hard at first but it's those little steps, done regularly, that will impact our earth the most.  
Pimp your water

Add cucumber and mint to your water! Coming into spring and summer these is a great way to mix up your plain water and stay hydrated. Plain water can be somewhat repetitive and adding some Pizazz makes it surprising. Don't be limited to just this green combo: try citrus, berries, herbal tea or other fragrant herbs

Also try storing your water/juices/drinks in general in reusable vessels. Glass is way better for the environment than plastic. I save all my jars now, yes it's not weird for me to drink my coffee out of an old gherkin jar! It's these little steps that your continually do that will be helpful to our land in the long run. 

Tip: I'd only leave them in for 2-3 days, they tend to get mushy and manky if you leave them in there for longer. I also just keep refilling my bottle with the little goodies inside. It's amazing how the flavour just keeps permeating the water. 

Try a simple green home cleaner

Vinegar makes a great cleaner for your windows and your fridge. Just mix with equal parts vinegar and warm water. You'll also save a fortune while being kinder to the environment. The site has heaps of uses, check it out

Eat your greens 

Green apples: the tarty crisp flavour of a Granny Smith is hard to beat. Slice them In a salad with Spanish onion, walnuts, lemon juice, celery and mayo and dash plain yoghurt- instant waldorf salad. 

Avocado: if you are dairy free or avoid excessive dairy, adding avocado to your smoothie with give you that added creaminess you may miss. You'll also get a nice essential fat hit. 1/4 of an avocado is a sufficient serve

Green beans: these skinny beauties only need a minute of blanching, add them to eggs, tuna, black olives, some good quality olive oil and tomatoes and you've got yourself a mighty fine Ni├žoise salad. Pregnant women should include green beans in their diet to boost their vitamin k levels and protect against neural tube defects. Green beans also contain folates- great for pre pregnancy and during pregnancy. 

Plant a few succulents

These guys are so easy to care for and they multiply like crazy. Start off with a few but just break them up and watch them grow. A pop of green on your desk or on a windowsill improves your mood, lifts your spirits and cleans the air! 

Ban Yourself From Plastic Bags!

It sounds simple but there's more of us still accepting plastic bags when we shop. I've now banned myself from plastic bags, I've definitely got a long way to go but canvas bags are becoming part of the norm for me. If you can't carry it or shove it in your handbag- don't buy it. Simple! Thanks to Alexx Stuart for being such an inspiring eco warrior . The bag below is available from Chocolate For Breakfast

Drink it up!

Look, I've always got good intentions to down a green juice but I don't often get around to it. Who really could be arsed a) juicing all that veg and b) cleaning the juicer...not me! Parker's Organic Juice is the next best thing to a cold pressed juice and it's available in your local Woolies (local supermarket for you out of towners!). This green beauty contains: green apple, kale, celery, spinach, cucumber, parsley, lemon and spirulina. The second best thing is that it isn't $8+! The cost of some green juices and smoothies are becoming a little ridiculous, don't you agree. I'm seriously not taking out a second mortgage for a green juice habit. Parker's juices are $4.50, a fair price, I think!

Burn some green calories

Even if it's once or twice per week, get out of the car or bus/taxi/ferry and walk to work to your chosen destination. We need to be cautious of the impact we are leaving on the environment and yes it takes a little more effort but it's a win win situation. You burn that extra slice of bacon off and the environment has one less car polluting it's air! 

Have you tried to green up your life? What are your tips, share them below....

How You Can Change Up Your Workout Routine & Boost Your Results

You need sure fire ways to change your workout, get your mojo back and boost results at the same time, right? You’ve been plodding along doing the same routine for a while and it’s ok but don’t you deserve more than just ok? These 10 ways will have your perking up faster than you can say "hot sexy bod"

1. Cut your workout time down! Something you didn’t see coming? I know! Working harder for a shorter amount of time is so much better for fat loss results. High Intensity Interval Training is probably the fastest ways to melt fat from your body and also accelerate your fitness levels. Rather than your traditional 30 or 45 mins of cardio on the treadmill at the same intensity/speed, try this: 60 secs sprints (as hard as you can) with 90 secs recovery time (this can be at a walk pace or even a slow jog). Try this for a total of 20-22 minutes. Notice the calorie burn and how you feel after wards, similar energy burn for much less time.  

2.       Put down the dumbbells. Lots of us use dumbbell training in our workouts but why not shake things up? Try using a medicine ball or barbell for your entire workout. Similarly, if you only use a barbell use dumbbells. It’s amazing how heavy a 5kg medicine ball can feel when you aren’t used to using it.  
3.       Get outdoors. If you are a regular gym goer, have a week outdoors and expand your exercise horizons. Run stairs, climb walls, step up to benches/tables/chairs. You’ll be amazed how quickly your workout goes when there’s a little more scenery around you.

4.       Add unstable training to your workout. Ever tried squats on a BOSU? What about a single leg squat? Adding these forms of balance training to your routine will force your muscles to work harder and your reflexes to become super fast. You don’t need fancy equipment, simply doing your arms weights whilst standing on one leg completely changes your focus. AS a bonus you’ll get a great core workout by adding this balance type training into your routine.

5.       Try a non-electronic workout! Block all cardio equipment that uses power. No treadmill, stepper, cross trainer, bike etc. Great creative: high knees, ice skaters, inchworms, skipping, plyometrics, mountain climbers, running, swimming or erg  (wall mounter or standard rower). Hello heart rate!

6.       Use time under tension (TUT). I’m guilty of performing the same speed in a lot of my workouts and I’ve made more of an effort to include variation to my rep speed. The average time it takes to do say 10 reps is usually about 15-20 secs, what you want to do with TUT is draw this out to 30-40 sec. Where each rep would usually take you 1-2 sec to perform, aim for it to take up 3-4 secs per rep. The more time under tension, the harder the workout and therefore greater results. Expect TUT to help with increase muscle growth and definitely an increase in DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

7.       Add agility training to your workouts. Rarely do I see anyone doing any form of agility training (ladder runs, jumping). Yes, it’s quite sports specific but it’s great to shake things up in your current workout and I feel that everyone can benefit from agility work. Something really simple is an shuttle run, working on accelerating, decelerating and directional change. Try this shuttle run

8.       Ban all floor based abs from your workout. There’s no need to freak out, here’s a few suggestions: Knee to elbow hangs, woodchops or watch this killer ab exercise  

9.       Go running with a partner, pick someone who is a better runner than you and feel that burn. It’s so easy to get caught out running the same track, for the same distance and time. Running with a better runner will force you out of that comfort zone.

10.   Try a body weight workout. No machines allowed. Get creative: step ups, side lunges, burpees, lunges, push ups and so on. Use the TUT method with this body weight only method to increase effort.

53 Ways To Boost Your Mood & Feel Better About Yourself

Try one, try a few or try them all- Boost Your Mood & Feel Better About Yourself NOW!

1. Give yourself a hug, that dear readers, releases happy/lovey hormones

2. Read an inspiring book, try The Life You Were Born To Live, it's one of my favourites

3. Do a headstand

4. Revisit or create a vision board. Even attempt to recap on new skills you've learnt or acquired and pop them on your current resume.

5. Write a list of all the places you want to travel to or better yet, book your next trip.

6. Ask your best friend about her favourite personality traits that you posses

7. Go for a walk outside

8. Make yourself a beetroot, ginger and carrot juice. This combo is great if you are feeling tired. ZING up!

9. Get a buff and polish at your local nail bar, pick the brightest colour you can stomach

10. Pump some iron, nothing makes you feel better than rocking a tight ass and some solid arms!

11. Donate $20 to a local charity

12. Try your hand at some DIY, this is an easy project for a tired piece of furniture. Paint dip DIY

13.  Stretch your glutes, it's amazing the amount of tension your bot bot holds! Here's my how-to video

14. Plant some fresh herbs in your garden or on a balcony pot. Get those hands dirty

15. Practice holding your breath! Weirdly this boosts your lung capacity and helps you take in more oxygen and breathe more efficiently

16. Walk/hike in the bush

17. Eat a tablespoon of peanut butter

18. Light a candle, focus on the flame for a few minutes, let all those worries burn down. These are my favourite candles

19. Write a letter to a loved one

20. Scrunch up your face really tight and release it, try this 10 times. Also try doing this with your
hands and shoulders. Release the tension!

21. Wash your face and/or brush your teeth. Instantly uplifting

22. Ban your computer screen/iphone for a minimum of 20 minutes

23. Run a bath and soak your body. 

24. Write a list of all the things that are occupying your mind, just write, write, write till it's all out on a piece of paper

25. Make yourself a cuppa

26. Do a wardrobe cull

27. Fart! Yep, that's right. Some people hold so much wind/air in their gut by not "releasing" this, it gets trapped in your gut and can causes bloat and discomfort.

28. Talk to a stranger and hold eye contact. Ask them about their day etc. Be genuinely interested

29. Pour yourself a glass of red wine, Trust me, it's medicinal

30. Get out on the water, catch a ferry or book a day cruise!

31. Slap on a bright shade of lippy

32. Eat your favourite meal, no guilt, just enjoy it

33. Scream, shout, cry or all three! Sometimes it's better out than in!

34. Call your mum, dad, granny and tell them you love them

35.  Find your pet (or someone elses) and give it a pat/kiss/hug

36. Clean up your desk/office space/bedroom/car. Tidy surroundings = tidy mind

37. Drink a massive glass of water, rehydrate

38. Put your favourite song on and dance like nobody is watching

39. Perform 20 quick body weight squats

40. Give your body a good scrub with a sea salt or coffee scrub. A body brush is great if you don't want to get wet

41. Stand and walk tall for a minimum of 90 secs. Feel like a supermodel yet?

42. Get your brows shaped

43. Go to the local florist and buy yourself a bunch of flowers

44. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Hold it and go again. Bigger and warmer this time

45. Get a whiff of essential oil. Try something zingy like mint or lemon or grapefruit. You can also pop a few drops on a tissue or hanky (Hanky! Does anyone carry those these days?)

46. Do 20 star jumps, talk about instant pep up!

47. Say "NO" to something that doesn't feel right for you. We usually find ourselves saying yes to everyone and everything, sometimes it becomes overwhelming. Pull back- it's ok!

48. Lay down on the floor and release your lower back. Lay flat and bring your bent right leg across your body to the floor while turning your head in the opposite direction and keeping your arms out to the side. Hold for 50 counts and then do the other side

49. Have a big gut laugh, really get a good one out. You want people to stare at you!

50. Squirt a little perfume on

51. Have a remedial massage

52. Take your shoes off and plonk them on some grass or sand. Doesn't that feel super?

53.  Two words: Online Shopping!