How To Make Tuna Taste Better In 30 Seconds Or Less

Tuna does have a reputation of somewhat a "fitness food" however having been on several "eat tuna till it becomes your life" diets, I'm somewhat repulsed by it and when I do eat it, I need it disguised.
Let me show you 7 ways to make your tuna taste better in 30 seconds or less.

1. Add mayo (goes without saying really). A tbsp of full fat will not break your calorie bank. Live a little!

2. Add coriander, dried chilli, crumbled fetta and lemon juice then mix

3. Buy good quality tuna in oil (preferably olive oil) and dump on your salad without the need to worry about a dressing.  Add a splash of apple cider vinegar if you need more acidity.

4. Add a tbsp of Harissa, Wasabi or Ajvar to your canned tuna

5. Add picked vegetables to plain tuna, Polski Ogorki are my favourite with tuna.

6. Leftover boiled eggs? Smash it up with some tuna for a quick high protein breakfast option

7.  Having a romantic solo at-your-desk-lunch? Try half an avo, can of tuna- mashed together with a squirt of lime and dash of chilli or smoked sweet paprika. It's nice on rice cakes or crispbreads.

Are you a FOT (Fan Of Tuna..see what I did there)?  Comment below. I'd love to know the ways you jazz it up or perhaps you are a sicko and just like it straight up 'outta the can.

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Core Stability: A Flat Tummy Minus The Crunches

My school of thought? Flat abs rarely result from loads of sit-ups and crunches (flexion based). In my land (i.e my body) it just creates bulk in my tummy (who actually wants that?) and also tightness and weirdness in my back, chest and hip flexors.

So what do I recommend instead?

Creating stability (and strength) in the core and spine! Working from the inside out to strength but more importantly flatten and also prevent lower back weakness.

Without sounding like a twat: Abs are mostly made in the kitchen. It's been said one million times by myself and many, many other fitness peeps. Stop using ab or core work as the base of how to "let's get a flat tummy".

Fitness professionals you can go here and learn from the master:
Stuart McGill is a guru (professor!) in the fitness and performance world

3 Moves that I absolutely love! Start out with reps of 12 and aim for between 2-4 sets. Slow and controlled is key to these moves being effective.

Planks elbow/shoulder touches


Ab circles on swissball

Lying leg lowers


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Dairy Free Nice Cream 2 Ways

Wait....what is nice cream?

Cool kids (usually vegans) call banana blended in a food processor or similar- Nice Cream. Clearly I'm aging and my patience is wearing thin. I simply call this banana ice cream but whatevs


It gives you that cool hit like ice cream usually does, even a brain freeze but without the added sugar, dairy and badies they put in ice-cream (preservatives and the like). Eat it for breakfast?...ok!

Did you know?

1. Removing sugar will cause your ice cream to become a bit more "icy". So if you do want to make this then refreeze I suggest leaving it on the bench to defrost slightly and then stirring it up a little. The best suggestion? Make batch by batch that way it's instant gratification and will be way better

2. Adding fat, say coconut cream helps keep the nice cream softer and creamier! I make my popsicles this way and even add blitzed up nuts (another fat). They are very close to that store bought softness

I always keep a bunch (LOL) of frozen bananas on hand for when the nice cream mood strikes. Always PEEL you bananas and keep them in an air tight freezer proof container. Buy Australian, after our recent berry saga, it's so so important.

Save a dollar: Buy the cheap brown spotty bananas! They are perfect for this recipe and Protein Banana bread

Serves 4:

Standard version

Slurp of coconut cream
4 frozen bananas (broken into small pieces)

Place in a food processor, Nutribullet or similar and blend till smooth and ice creamish. You can totally omit the coconut cream and use full fat milk (if you want to have dairy) or choose water or another nut based milk to loosen up the bananas.

Chocolate nice cream version

Above recipe and add 2 tbsp of raw cacao powder and 2 tbsp Peanut butter

I did a half and half version, so just blended half the bananas with "chocolate" recipe and half with the standard version to create a rippling effect in the serving glass.


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Fitness Product Roadtest: The Oov

Ok, I'll admit it, my core has gone to mush! Well, I guess compared to the average Jo it would be still above average but I just haven't been putting the focus I used to set outside for strengthening and improving it. That's all about to change! We are getting back to basics using this alien-esque looking, brand spanking new functional exercise device, called the Oov. 

I was keen to go along as a guest to the Oov movement class, held at one of my favourite outdoor pools in Sydney, Boy Charlton. It also reminded me I really need to dust off my googles and cap and get back in the water and chase that black line. Swimming laps aside, my core was here to be put through it paces.  

A steamy morning in a brilliant location! I'm on the blue mat near the glass fence trying not to fall off

I describe The Oov as similar to a foam roller (here's my How- to Foam Roller guide) but more high-tech though not designed for the same use as a roller. The exercise, rehabilitation and motor control device is made from highly durable, eco-friendly foam and has three curves to complement the natural curvature of the spine. Sporting swimming/golfing/tennis pros and even the Bondi Lifeguards are using the Oov as part of their training program. The Oov exercises I would describe as Pilates/corrective based in nature- stretching, lengthening and strengthening. Therabands and super light weights accompany many of the exercises also. The demand on the core is high, really taking you back to basics and forcing you to retrain muscles you may have let get tight and lazy over time. I have always had an interest in these types of exercise principles- back to basics/functional type movements. It's not always about just lifting heavy and throwing weights around. This is an essential device if you work with "rehabing" clients or you are injured yourself. 
Anthony Carroll, is a machine on the Oov! 
For the Oov user, once you purchase, you'll be able to download the app (Apple or Android) filled with exercises to transition you from wobbly beginner to rigid, strong pro. It's always good to be guided through these movements because even though they look easy, it's all happening deep in those core muscles. 
I'm excited to add some of these exercises into my own training and with my 6 Week Challenge ladies. A strong core is key for injuries prevention and also spinal health. The Oov has got a big two thumbs up from me! 
For purchasing details and to find out more head to 

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50DaysNoSugar Protein Pumpkin Balls

You need an emergency hit of something delicious and gooey before you smash the glass in the office vending machine?

Here it is...don't say I don't give you nice treats!

Prepare these in advance and store them in your office fridge, they will last for 3-4 days. They will also be great in the freezer for up to a month and thaw as needed.

Protein Pumpkin Balls

Makes 12 Balls

80 cals per ball
<0.4g of sugar per ball


1/2 cup steamed pumpkin, cooled and mashed well till smooth (squeeze out any excess moisture with paper towel)

1 scoop Professional Whey Natural WPI (or a plain protein powder with no sugar or artificial sweetener added)

1 cup Almond Meal (macro brand)

2 Tbsp sesame seeds

1 Tbsp Peanut butter (or alternatively use a different type of nut butter)

1 Tbsp Chia seeds

1 Tsp coconut oil, soften

1 Tsp cinnamon spice

Coconut shreds and raw cacao powder to decorate (make sure they are pure coconuts shreds- no desiccated coconut, etc)

Mix all together to form a "'dough".

Place in the fridge for 30 mins to harden up then remove and start on rolling your balls!

Wet hands and roll small tablespoon sized balls. Place on a piece of greaseproof paper and continue with more rolling.

Roll in coconut shreds and dust with cacao. Place in the freezer for a quick 10 minutes "flash freeze" then transfer to fridge when they can live for up to 3-4 days in a storage container. These are a gooey type balls not super hard (yes, I'm perfectly aware how weird that all sounds..dirty minds!)

Please enjoy and spread the word about the AWESOME 50DaysNoChallenge Recipe & Guidelines eBook and join in the fun on the 50DaysNoSugar Facebook Page